Health Risk Calculator

Ayurveda Dosha Quiz, Free Ayurveda Diet TestWhen you know where are you doing wrong and what makes you on risk- that gives you an idea about “how to improve”!

Being healthy is not a matter of day or two days. Being healthy is a process- a process where you are always indulged with doing something for health and caring for the betterment of the health. HEALTH RISK CALCULATOR gives you facility for this.

How it works:

Simple questions, you need to answer and rest health risk calculator will do by itself. There are three parts of the Health Risk Calculator-

Diet Assessment: It assesses the diet and tells – are you making some mistakes which can drag you to risk for your health?

Lifestyle Assessment: Whether you are doing good enough to stay healthy with the kind of lifestyle you have adopted or you need some improvements in this area? Your habits notify your lifestyle.

Stress Level Check: Stress is the gift of the modern day life. Stress can cause severe problems with the health and can leave us in psychological as well as physical problems, Here we check the level of stress and how much risky it is for you.

Fitness Check: Fitness and health cannot be measured by using some bio-chemical parameters and weight-height check. Here is the perfect questionnaire for you to understand level of your fitness.

Complete Wellness: on the basis of the above four criteria- Health Risk Calculator provides the cumulative results and tells where are you on the parameters of health.

How to read the results

Four colours- four levels to tell you where you are on the level of health-

You're at Risk             You need care             Improve It             Maintain It

These are the four levels of the Health Risk Evaluation.

Once You're at Risk – you need to change a lot to care your health. You need to be religious about following all the details, provided for you on your profile page.

Where You need care – it means that you are not in that poor condition still you need to bring some healthy changes and need to care about your health.

If your results is Improve It  – it means that you are close to complete wellness and you just need to place the things in right place to achieve the complete wellness.

Where it is Maintain It– You just need to maintain your habits, fitness level, diet and need to keep the stress level at low level.

These are the four levels, four types of results you will get with the Health Risk Calculator.

Why not according to diseases:

Ayurveda believes in complete wellness and health cannot be partial, it is a package. You cannot label- healthy heart, healthy kidney or healthy brain. This can be only your body which will be healthy or diseased so we prefer to check that where your mistake is and where we can assist you to rectify those mistakes and keep you healthy. 

It is Free of Cost! 

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You can recheck the results and can assess your Progress regularly as your previous results will be kept in our data base

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