Special Diets

Diet is an important part of the healthy living but once we are diseased, this is the diet alone, which can change the course of the disease. eVaidyaJi Wellness is dedicated for the complete wellness of yours so this is the important part to be discussed about the diet. Special Diets is a category where we are discussing the different aspects of the diet, which are important for the management as well as for the treatment of the different conditions. These diets are according to the principals of the dietetics in modern as well as in Ayurvedic health science.

Diet for Constipation Diet for Flatulance 

Diet is the most important factor for the management of the diseases like constipation, because this is the diet alone which can alter the workig of the system in case of the Digestive system. Here is the detailed diet for constipation. 

Excessive gases in the abdomen are simplest but are a major problem. This is totally dependent on the diet, what one will eat will be reflected on the body and this is the digestive system, which reacts firstly. So manage your diet properly. 

Diet for Cardiac Diseases Diet for Coronary heart diseases Diet for Coronary Heart Diseases

Heart is the main organ of the body which supplies the nutrition to all the organs of the body so this is important what we feed to the heart. Here is the diet which is heart friendly, you should follow this diet to maintain your heart. 

Coronary arteries are the small arteries, which carries the nutrition to the walls of heart, so that heart will be able to supply the nutrition to rest of the body. These small arteries have a major contribution and role in health of body. 

Diet for Anemia Diet for Gout

Everybody thinks that if there will be some scarcity of anything in the body, we will take that thing in pills. Body should get all, what it requires directly from food. Iron is a major part of this. Here is the diet to maintain the good level of iron in body. 

Gout is a condition where protein metabolism of the body is disturbed and this disturbed protein metabolism results in excessive production of uric acid. So we need to make the body in a state where it will perform well, here is the diet for Gout

Diet for Obesity Diet for Diabetic patient Diet for Diabetes

Obesity is not a disease alone, this is the mother of all other diseases and is a big problem for the whole medical world today. There should be some dietary changes to get rid of the problem, because we need to maintain the body for optimum activity 

Most of us have a doubt that this is the greed of sweet which can make someone a diabetic patient. This is not true. This is the mismanagement of the diet which brings bad changes in the body and cause problems with the body. Here is diet for diabetics

Diet for High Cholesterol Diet for Kidney Problems

Cutting down the fats from the diet never helps to get rid from the problem of hyperlipidemia commonly known as high cholesterol. Here are the dietary guidelines for the problems of High Cholesterol Level in the body. 

Kidneys are responsible for flushing of the hazardous wastes out from body and also control the retention of good things inside the body. Diet is a prominent factor to control when once there will be some problems with the kidneys

Diet for IBS Diet for Hyperacidity

Inflammatory Bowel Disorder or syndrome, commonly known as IBS is a common problem all over the world, with increasing level of stress. Diet is the primary factor to control the condition here is the diet for IBS 

Hyperacidity is a condition which is just a problem with the hyper secretion of the acids in the stomach. This can lead to some severe problems in the body. There should be some food which can help your body to maintain all the Acid inside 

Diet for Jaundice Diet for Cirrhosis of Liver

Jaundice is not a very common problem but liver disfunction is a common one, the diet discussed here in this section is more about Liver functions and less about the Jaundice. Jaundice is the prime symptom, so this is better to label the matter with Jaundice

Cirhosis of liver is a common problem with the people who are addicted to the Alcohol, but this cannot be a thum rule at all. This can also happen due to bad food habits and some other reasons. One thigs is for sure that this is diet which can help a lot.