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System Wise Health Information according to Ayurveda

Skin and Hairs

Nervous System

Heart & Cardiovascular System

Bones and Joints

Ear, Nose and Throat

Liver and Billiary System

Muscular disorders

Eyes and Vision

Immune System

Teeth and Oral Cavity

Kidney & Urinary System

Male Reproductive System

Endocrine System

Digestive System

Female Reproductive System 

Blood related disorders

Respiratory System

Metabolic Disorders
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Home Remedies

Not possible to have best medical facilities in all conditions and diseases never appear after "knocking" or by "invitation", so you need to be prepared for all conditions and you need to know about some items whuich are always available in your kitchen and are accessible in all conditions. Homeremedies section of eVaidyaJi Wellness is aimed to assist you in all this conditions. 
These all homeremedies are not intended to replace any of the expert advice. If things don't go normal with smaller efforts you can speak to our physicians directly or visit your medical advisor to get the right guidance for your health. 

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