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Dosha Test, Dosha Quiz, Free Dosha test, What is my Dosha, Dosha AnalysisTake a free Dosha Test and know all about your Dosha.

It only pays you back, by offering you the complete health.

eVaidyaJi Wellness ( is the first website with the facility to analyze your Dosha and then it leads you to your profile page where you will find everything about your Doshas along with Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga details according to your Doshas. You need not to Google again and again to find the right directions for your health.

This Dosha Quiz will do check your Dosha by itself; you just need to follow the on screen instructions, step by step!

Three Doshas, Seven Ayurveda Body Types:

Most of the Dosha quizzes available online give you an idea about the most dominant Dosha among the three. This is not enough!

Three Doshas, make seven combinations like- Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha, Vata-Kapha and then all three together Vata-Pitta-Kapha. Dosha test at is the only website providing the complete details about different seven body types according to Ayurveda.

Why we ask to make a profile and Register:

As a common user once someone is sure about the Dosha Body Type, after taking a complete Dosha Test- then it comes to mind- what to do now? If I am Vata-Kapha- for which diseases I am prone and what should I do to get rid of the problems associated with Body Type? We answer all this and that is the reason we make a complete part for you- “Your Profile”!

Your profile will cater you-

Diet Guidelines according to your Dosha
Diet Plans for you to keep your Doshas in harmony
Lifestyle Plan which can bring your Doshas in Balance
Yoga Planning to pacify your Doshas

Isn’t it enough to keep your Doshas in balance and to keep you healthy! Yes we think you need more than this! We have team of qualified Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Physicians) who will keep on posting on your profile and will let you to know what to do in April and what is not good in December.

So now you just need to login with your profile and we will do the rest for you, for your Complete Wellness.

Cannot believe it is for Free?

Yes it is free! The Basic Profile is free of the Cost, we don’t charge for the Basic Profiling!

You cannot change your once decided Doshas in your profile, because your real Doshas never changes.

Please when you register, please try not to provide the email ID of Yahoo as Yahoo spams most of the new emails nowadays and if you don’t get a mail from us within five minutes, please check your Spam-update your contact list and mark our emails as from a known source/not spam.