Diet For Hyperacidity

Hot, spicy and aggressive these are not only the truths of the foods but also relates with the lifestyle we are living. This brings the hyperactivity in the body and that makes all of us prone to Hyperacidity and once we face this small problem with our health, which seems to be an ignorable problem, this can lead you to the uncommon problems like- peptic ulcers and never forget that perforation of the stomach can also occur if you keep on ignoring this condition.

Diet plays an important role in case of these problems and you should be well aware that what should be your diet for Hyperacidity! You can easily avoid these worst conditions to occur. You might be the victim of few of the advertisements saying “eat anything and take a pill……and chill!” these simple looking Antacids can leave drastic effects on your health. The best and cheapest way is the management of your diet and to optimize your body for best results.
Here are the guidelines for the diet for the Hyperacidity, which should be followed-

Foods which are permitted:

  • Bread or chapattis of wheat, rice, maize, jowar, bajra or rogi
  • Breakfast cereal of wheat, rice oatmeal or maize
  • Rice, cookedDiet guidelines for hyper-acidity acid reflux peptic ulcers
  • Pulses (dal) or beans (in moderation)
  • Vegetable soups (exclude meat and chicken soup)
  • Vegetable, cooked (exclude vegetables with coarse fibers or overripe seeds)
  • Potato, sweet potato,  or yam
  • Meat, fish or chicken
  • Eggs
  • Milk and milk products
  • Fat for cooking, or butter (exclude fried foods)
  • Fruits, fresh (avoid sour fruits)
  • Fruits, dried (avoid sour fruits)
  • Nuts
  • Sugar, jiggery or honey
  • Jam or murabba
  • Pastries, as biscuits or soft cakes
  • Desserts, as custard, pudding or jelly
  • Beverages as light tea or coffee
  • Water as desired


  • Condiments and spices
  • Papad, chutney or pickles

Sample Menu for Hyperacidity

Western diet

Vegetarian diet



Scrambled egg

Tea or coffee


Tea or coffee


Milk drink

Plain biscuits

Milk drink

Plain biscuits


Minced meat

Mashed potatoes

Sliced carrots or jelly

Cauliflower cheese

Mashed potatoes

Lentil curry and rice


Tea or coffee

Bread and butter

Tea or coffee

Cheese sandwich


Steamed fish

Creamed potatoes


Peas, or sago pudding Jelly

Baked potato with filling

Khichdi and kadhi

Bed time

Cocoa in milk

Hot chocolate

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