Diet For Flatulence

Flatulence is a condition, where intestines are full of the gasses and bloat like a soccer ball. This is more a symptom less a disease for most of us but this becomes severe when it starts leaving its effects on related organs. Intestines are surrounded by some important organs. Above the diaphragm there are lungs and heart the most vital parts of the body. Secondly the blood supply inside the intestines is also an important part- this supply is affected once the cavity of the gut starts bloating. So complications of the flatulence might be too aggressive that you will be a hospitalized as a patient of cardiac disease or the same can lead you to the diseases like Piles.

In Ayurveda, flatulence is told to be a disease of the Vata Dosha. Dryness is the basic cause of this problem, with increased cases of cardiac problem and myths about fats (Read Article Here about Fats and Myths) so these cases are increasing day by day. Second problem with the disease like Flatulence is- it is thought to be a simple condition which is usually dealt with the OTC products. The most exhausting problem is aerated and cold drinks which we take regularly with meals. We need hottest meals with coldest drinks- we confuse the body to an extent where body starts showing irritation, flatulence is one of the earliest symptoms.
This is the condition related with the diet so it can be eased with the Diet alone. Diet for flatulence is based on the following concepts-

1.     Foods should not be too dry

2.     Cold is not good for you
3.     Not necessary that high fibre diet is good for you (specially in case of flatulence)
4.     Time and Regularity for the foods, is important for you
5.     You should care the bacteria inside you (healthy bacteria)
6.     Too much fermented products like – Breads are never good for you.

Diet for Flatulence has some dos and don’ts here are the favourable food stuffs first in the Diet for flatulence-

  • Bread or chapattis of wheat, rice, maize, jowar, bajra or ragi. 
  • Breakfast cereal of wheat, rice, oatmeal or maize
  • Rice, cooked (exclude in carbohydrate dyspepsia)
  • Soup, thin
  • Vegetables, cooked (beans, peas, and fibrous vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower excluded)
  • Potato, sweet potato, or yam (excluded in carbohydrate dyspepsia)
  • Meat, fish or chicken
  • Eggs (two per day)
  • Fat for cooking, or butter (exclude fried food)
  • Fruit, fresh
  • Sugar, Jaggery or honey 
  • Jam or Murabba
  • Pastry, as biscuits and light cakes (exclude fried pastries)
  • Warm Water (liberally) 

The foods which should excluded regularly are-

  • Vegetable salad
  • Pulses (dal) or beans
  • Soup, thick
  • Sweets or sweetmeat
  • Fruit, dried
  • Nuts
  • Condiments and spices
  • Papad, chutney and pickles 

Here is a sample menu to combat your flatulence, rest you can get your personalized and completely managed by physicians- Diet Plans and Guidelines, once you select the Premium and Executive Programs from our plans. Ayurvedic Diet Management Program

Western diet

Vegetarian diet


Grape fruit


Boiled egg

Toast with margarine/Jam

Tea or coffee

Orange Juice


Toast/Butter or khokhra/ghee

Tea or Coffe


Tea or Coffee

Cream Biscuits

Appetizer Tea

Chocolate Biscuits


Grilled pork sausage with gravy

Parsley potatoes

Sliced Tomatoes (Try to peel off the skin before taking these)

Strawberry mousse

Chapattis/some Ghee

Rice and curry

Curd (Don’t take curd in Summer, Rains and Winters)

Banana (Take only with Rock Salt)


Appetizer Tea

Chocolate cake

Appetizer Tea

Cheese sandwiches


Scotch broth

Steak and kidney pie

Creamed potatoes

Apple baked with custard sauce

Cheese and tomato sandwich

Normal Vegetables with sauce/curry

Rice and Kadhi

Sago pudding

Don’t forget to associate a single glass of warm (not lukewarm) water with your meals, this is the best way to assist you with this disease.
Best solution for Flatulence in Ayurveda