Diet For Cirrhosis of Liver

Cirrhosis of liver is a problem, which can lead you to the bigger problems like ascites- so it is important to reverse this condition with the help of medicines and proper diet. Here we are discussing some basic and main points about the Dietary Management in case of Cirrhosis!

Diet for cirrhosis is based on certain principles and these are- a nutritive high-protein (1-1.2g/kg body weight) diet is the most essential part of therapy for liver cirrhosis. Protein-rich food help regeneration of the liver and formation of albumin, and severe to combat anemia and ascites. About 80- 100g protein must be consumed daily. Eggs and flesh foods are excellent but expensive. Relatively inexpensive protein-rich foods are skimmed milk or its powder, dried beans and pulses, chana (Bengal gram), groundnuts, cereal preparations, chapattis, khakhras and biscuits. There are best utilized when taken as a combination during each meal. Thus, a combination of bread, pulses, milk and groundnuts at each meal is butter for protein synthesis than eggs or meat alone.

Sodium intake is restricted in patients with cirrhosis and ascites; not more than 3 g salt per day is permitted. Cirrhotic without ascites do not require sodium restriction.
Food Items Permitted:

·         Bread or chapattis of wheat, rice, maize, jowar, bajra or rogi,
·         Breakfast cereal of wheat, rice, oatmeal or maize
·         Rice
·         Pulses (dal) and beans
·         Soup*
·         Vegetable salad*
·         Vegetable, cooked*
·         Potato, sweet potato, or yam
·         Meat, fish or chicken
·         Eggs
·         Milk or milk products (should have liberal helping of skimmed milk)
·         Fat for cooking, or butter
·         Sugar, jiggery or honey
·         Jam or murabba
·         Pastries
·         Dessert
·         Sweetmeats
·         Fruits, fresh
·         Fruits, dried
·         Nuts
·         Condiments and spices in minimum quantity to encourage better food intake
·         Beverages
·         Water as desired

Food items which should be excluded

·         Papad, chutney or pickles
(N.B. salt intake to be restricted during ascites)

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