Diet for High Cholesterol

There are as many myths as possibly can be delivered by the market and researchers. The food industry is fooling all of us in the name of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is not less than the Ravana (Villain from Ramayana) or Draco Malfoy (Villain from Harry Potter)! Medical fertility has given rise to this ghost of fear in name of cholesterol. People read the labels of the food containers and they make themselves satisfied that they are taking the kind of food for their health and all of a sudden on a fine morning they come to know about their cholesterol level is on an alarming level. This is the stage from where all of them start looking for some medicines to lower the cholesterol.

Drugs are there to lower the  cholesterol, but researches are just opposite to that- what we think and feel about this- researches have shown that this kind of drugs neither reduce the risk of being a heart patient nor reduce the mortality. So a question appears in mind- why modern day physicians stress too much on these drugs? Not sure! There might not be a proven connection between heart diseases and cholesterol, but the connection and bond between the pharmaceutical companies and physicians (“prescribers” is the right word for these modern day physicians).

To lower the cholesterol shouldn’t be the mindset of anyone of us. The main purpose of the diet/treatment should be to manage the cholesterol in the right portion and proportions. Cholesterol is that much “outlawed” by modern day doctors that our bodies have found the way to generate this out of carbohydrates. Amazingly, the total amount of cholesterol what body can generate is three times higher than the total what our body can absorb from the foods. Researches has established that in only 25% people lowering the dietary cholesterol can assist persons to get rid of the problems of the cholesterol- our prescribers know this and perhaps they think all 100% of these people come under 25%? Poor mathematics or they will name this as “human-error” or “comedies of errors”. Our diseases are their profit and these modern day physicians are good businessmen only.

Whatever, is written above the cholesterol lowering ways and figures is the modern research? But they are never up-to-date about themselves and ask them about Ayurveda they says Ayurveda needs a lot of research, showing that they are the only fellows on the earth concerned about the research and wellbeing of mankind! Pity on this system of medicine, what they are proud of- this is not a failure of a science; this is the failure of the people associated with that science!

Ayurveda has a different prospective about cholesterol or diet for Cholesterol. According to Ayurveda, fats are important and these help body in different ways and make the survival of ours possible. There is nothing “completely bad” in our body. Whatever nature or body has devised – is useful and cannot be eliminated from the body. Modern science has also marked the useful or normal values of the Cholesterol, which also tells that Cholesterol is of use, otherwise it would have been like “positive” and “negative” traces inside the body.

Diet for Cholesterol should be optimum and this shouldn’t be in that proportion that it will ignite the “endogenous” system of the body to increase the production of cholesterol by herself. As we know that body has a three times higher production capacity. So if it happens in this way- it will be “hard” or even “impossible” to resort the cholesterol levels to the normal range. That is the reason Ayurvedic Diet for High Cholesterol is never fat free for you. Ayurveda gives insight to differentiate between the good and bad fat, which is more relevant and important according to the scientific rules.

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