Diet for Diabetes

You have never heard that Diabetes killed someone! Yes, it never happens. It is not possible that Diabetes will kill someone, diabetes kills via other diseases. Yes, Diabetes kills a person through different diseases, because diabetes impairs all the symptoms of the body and it leads to the improper working of the body, which gives rise to other diseases, this makes Diabetes a killer disease. Diabetes works as a doorway for disease like- Cardiac Diseases, Nervous Problems, Autoimmune Disorders etc. so you can understand that what Diabetes can carry with it.
Diabetes, as thought by many of us, is not only a disease associated with the sugars/carbohydrates alone. This is a disease where the whole metabolism will be disturbed and body won’t be able to metabolize most of the nutrients normally. This makes dietary guidelines more important in case of Diabetes. When you know that your machine is not able to consume the fuel, normally then it becomes more and more important to choose the fuel, wisely. Secondly, Diabetes is a condition in which food also work as a causative factor. Once you are exposed excessively for the causative factors, than it will be easy for the body be affected by the disease so dietary management for diabetes is important for management for the Diabetes as well for prevention of the diabetes.
There are certain principles for the diet of Diabetes, which diabetic patients need to follow. Diet management according to Ayurveda is according to weight of a patient, modern sciences are also following the same pattern nowadays. 

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