Ayurveda About Women Health

Health and wellbeing of women is one of the prime concern for Ayurveda as with out ensuring proper health for female we can not even think of complete health. Only a healthy mother can give birth to healthy progeny and take care of his offspring and society properly. So by just planning for complete health for women we are actually progressing towards healthy and happy society.  

As per Ayurveda, there are different stages in a woman's life. In brief these are the period before menarche, reproductive age and period after menopause. There are different health issues according to age. In addition to this females are more emotional than their male counterpart which also make them more prone to different health issues. As per Ayurveda complete health is not simply the absence of signs and symptoms different diseases but it is wellbeing on psychological, emotional and spiritual levels also. 

Before menarche; the health issues are more or less similar to their male counter parts. 

As they will grow and progress towards menarche; there will be certain changes on simply physical but much more psychological. Proper support need to be there so that a girl can manage herself with these changes properly.

After menarche there starts reproductive age and certainly different health issues specially involving the menstrual cycle. As per Ayurveda this age is the period of Pitta dominance in the body. As this is the natural dominance we can not alleviate it and also need not to. We just can manage  with it. Besides this working of the reproductive system is regulated by the Vata Dosha . So here we also need to take care of Vata Dosha also. 

After reproductive age there are certainly different health issues specially revolving around menopause. Anxiety, nervousness, restlessness make life very different from earlier life.