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Every website has complete range of Ayurvedic products but none of these give an idea that how one should select a product from the list. At eVaidyaJi we have brought this facility for the first time for you so that product selection will always be an easy task for you. Main aim of ours is not to sale the products we are here to provide the best solutions for your health. This page will guide you to understand your exact requirements so that you can select the right treatment for yourself. There are certain points what you need to know about to select a product for yourself-

Product for your Prakruti: There are certain products in Ayurveda which have different results on different Dosha type so you should be aware about the Prakruti Factor once you are selecting a product for your health. It should not against your body type and your Dosha! Prakruti is the default setting of the Doshas, about which you should be aware about this, if not sure about your Dosha…click here

We have labelled the products with some marks above them, which directly tells about the Dosha effected by the product. So please keep your eye on the labels, if something is available for you.

Products you actually need: If you have some confusion about selection of the products give us a call straight and the Vaidyas available with us will help you to select the right products, after understanding your condition and problem. Beside this if you cannot reach us through phone, we have facilities of online consultation, fill the consultation form on this link and we will try to assist you the best and won’t impose any of the products on you. “Why to prescribe any medicines, if someone can be treated with the diet and lifestyle” is our core policy so feel free while calling us.

Kill the confusion: All our staffs is medically well versed, so we work on medical knowledge not on the basis of the information. Information and knowledge has a bit difference. Reading encyclopaedia can inform you about topics but cannot make you expert of subjects. For example “sipping honey and lemon with hot water may reduce some kilos from your body but can harm your body in many ways”...this is information and “Sipping honey and water together as an optimum mix will reduce your kilos as well as make your body fitter and healthier in all waysthis is the knowledge and we rely on the knowledge and that too should be side-effect-less, treatment.

Don’t Diagnose yourself: Generally once a patient comes to us he comes with prior Diagnosis likewise “I am suffering with blah-blah disease” we request you to never make a self diagnosis of your condition, it is harmful for everyone for us. Share the signs and symptoms with our team and they will do the rest. Believe us that a good diagnosis is half of the treatment.

There is a bit difference in Modern Day Diagnosis and Ayurvedic Diagnosis and your diagnosis is based on the information, what you will share with us.

So keep all these details in your mind for always when you are selecting something for your health, it is never advisable to go behind any information or advertisement to regain your health. You better know that the actors appearing in the TV Advertisements are paid highly for telling that they are much benefited by some formula of medicine, which has some magical results.

We will be coming with the PRODUCT FINDER, for the first time in Ayurveda, so that you can find the right supplements and guidance for your health.

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Ajmoda Powder
100 gm
Price: $8.22
INR Price: 140
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