Herbal Tea Catalog

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea are the talk of the town since years and almost every brand, every Ayurvedic Company, small or big are into the productions and promotions of the herbal teas. Then what is the special with eVaidyaJi Herbal Tea? 

We have tested these all in clinics and these all come orginally from the Ayurvedic Text, almost as it is, inspite of taking some credit or putting our mind our team has developed these from the authentic texts and we are aimed to bring authentic ayurveda with quality to you. Here are the Herbal Teas we have...

Dosha Balancing Tea

These are the herbal preparations to keep your Doshas in balance. Whatever your Bio-Constitution is, these will guide you to the path of complete health. Here are the four unique combinations of the herbs, well tested by our team of Vaidyas

Vata Tea Pitta Tea Kapha Tea Tridosha Tea

Herbal Teas for your Healthy Digestion and Liver

Healthy digestion translates in to a healthy individual, whether this is the kick of alcohol or some other causes we have solution for all of this in form of different four teas, which are friendly to the taste buds too. Sip these and assure yourself for health. 

Appetizer Tea Liver Care Tea Easy Bowel Tea Hang over Tea

Herbal Teas for some diseases

Diabetes, Kidney problems and Gynecological problems are prevailing all arround the world nowadays and we have brought the healthy-tasty and better than medicines solution for your health. If you are suffering with one of these diseases or you are on risk, replace your caffeine loaded tea with these healthy choices.

Diabetic Care Tea Kidney Care Tea Femi Care Tea Cardiac Care Tea

Herbal Teas for complete health

If you are tired, exhausted, feeling lack of energy...you need some Rejuvenation and surely there is a requirement to enhance the immunity to fight against the diseases and relaxation of the mind is important to assure complete health. Below four are full of the all these domains....

Rejuvenating Tea Immunity Enhancer Tea Mental Relaxant Tea Arth Care Tea

Solving the Weight loss and Detox puzzle, Ayurvedic Way

Toxins are the biggest culprits for the epidemic of obesity and allied problems, we at eVaidyaJi Wellness have worked a lot to make sure that there should be a clinically proven, result oriented product which can make sure that you will burn your extra fats in a natural way....

  Weight Loss Tea Detox Herbal Tea