Herbal Supplements

Today we are having everything except the time. We are always in running mode. We have no time for exercising. We are not taking the meals in time. Not sure where we are targeted to reach. All this is deteriorating our health. Even though we are having better health service than any time before; we are not as strong as our ancestors were. All this is because of the Diet we are eating and the lifestyle we are following.

It specially hampers the nutritive status of the body. Here comes the requirement for the supplements.

Our eating habits are such that there is no fix time for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner. It is a fact that during a particular time period the secretion of the digestive juices is at its best. If we are not taking the meal at that time the result will always be inadequate digestion. When the digestion is not proper we cannot even imagine about the good health or better immunity. So basically it is the low quality of the food stuffs and the unhealthy dietary habits and lifestyle which makes it essential for us to take some supplements to fulfill the requirements of the body.

One more thing our ancestors were closer to the nature and closeness with the nature is always nourishing in itself. But for us the things are totally opposites. We have erected thick walls around us which are keeping us away from the healthy touch of Mother Nature.

Besides this now a day the type of workings are also changing. Most of the times we are sitting and following a sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle in itself is a reason for weakening all the systems of the body which results in different health problems.

What is special about the Herbal Supplements at eVaidyaJi.com:

  • As per Ayurveda; herbs should be used as a whole. All the constituents of an herb are having some usefulness and it is the association of these different constituents of an herb which produce a therapeutic effect. We at eVaidyaji.com are following the same ideology of Ayurveda.
  • We prepare our herbal supplements with the Ayurveda herbs which are procured from their natural habitats. The herbs growing in their natural habitats are more nourishing and having healing powers than other herbs.
  • Herbal supplement from eVaidyaJi.com bring about harmony among different parts of the body, remove toxins and improve immunity.  
  • These Herbal Supplements are prepared as per the authentic Ayurveda methodology without using any chemical or preservative. It ensures side effect free usage for every human being.
  • If you are on medication, these herbal supplements will help you to get rid of side-effects of the allopathic medicines. For example- patients undergoing chemotherapy face a lot of side-effects due to medication. This is now well documented that these herbal supplements increase efficacy of these medicines and also help to get rid of the side-effects of medication.

 Who should take these Herbal Supplements:

  • If your working hours are too long and you do not have enough time to take care of your body then it is for sure that you need some herbal supplement to support your body.
  • If visiting a doctor is just a routine thing for you are seasonal changes are too much disturbing for you then you should work on increasing defense power of your body and herbal supplements are the best choice for the same.
  • If work load and ups and downs of life are making you anxious, restless or you feel fatigued in routine then you need a pause and think about the deteriorating condition of your health. Herbal Supplements will help you definitely to alleviate all these problems.
  • Women in menopausal or pre and post-menopausal conditions face a lot of ups and downs in their hormonal system so they should start these supplements ASAP. There is no such medicine with modern sciences to help you and Ayurveda can promise you in this regard.
  • In growing age there appear a lot of changes and you can make these changes the best for you and the herbal supplements are the best support for you during this time period.

Over all there are two conditions where you should go for Herbal Supplements-

  • To maintain the health and to reduce the risk of any disease.
  • To restore the health, when facing some problems and on medication

These herbal supplements can save a lot of your expenditures on your health in future. Be a smart investor. Pay for health not for diseases!!