Guggulu Products

Guggulu preparations are among the most widely used Ayurveda formulations. There should be something specific about Guggulu that almost all Acharyas of Ayurveda have talked about a lots of Guggulu combinations.

The Guggulu itself means which protects from all the diseases. It is not just about creating some hype about the usage of Guggulu; it is simply a truth. Guggulu is one of the best Ayurveda herbs which nourish the whole body properly. As the nourishment to the body organs improves; the strength of the body will also increase.

Guggulu is also a good healer of wounds and fractures so it is also blended in the Ayurveda formulations which fasten the healing of wounds and the fractures. Lakshadi Guggulu and Sapta Vinshataki Guggulu are this type of Guggulu preparations.

It is a special quality of Guggulu that freshly collected Guggulu will increase the weight of the body while the Guggulu which is one year old works just opposite i.e. it proves to be the best fat scrapping herb. This is the reason that Guggulu is a constituent of the formulations which works for weight gain and increasing strength of the body as well as removing extra fat from the body.

Guggulu is having a special property of “Sukshma” means ability to penetrate up to the minutest of the nutritive channels of the body. So when Guggulu is there in any combination it enhances the efficacy of the other contents of the combination. Now body is getting more amount of the active principle of the herbs.

Guggulu’s property to balance Vata is also making it a drug of choice to manage different diseased conditions. As per Ayurveda Vata Dosha is the most mischievous Dosha among all the three Doshas. It is the only Dosha in the body which is active and mobile. The other two Doshas are dependent on Vata for their proper working and transportation from one place to another in the body. These are considered to be lame without support of Vata. So when we are balancing Vata with the Guggulu formulation we are weakening the other Doshas also. This supports the idea of usage of Guggulu Products in most of the health problems faced by the human beings.

Recent studies have also proved that Guggulu is also useful for its cholesterol lowering action. It not simply reduces the bad Cholesterol but also helps in maintaining them in healthy limits. Because of its scraping action it also prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels. In this way it is useful in regulating the blood pressure also.

It reduces the inflammation of body organs specially the joints. So you will be amazed by finding that most of the Ayurveda formulations indicated in joints problems are the Guggulu formulations.

Besides all this Guggulu improves the speech, improves the working of the digestive system, increases the strength of the body corrects the urinary system and it is a good aphrodisiac also.

In this way Guggulu is having abundant of qualities which make it a drug of choice for most of the diseases.