Ayurvedic Supplements

Ayurvedic Medicines are an integral part of the treatment and health maintenance in Ayurveda. It is the best thing with Ayurvedic Medicines that these are effective in the same way as these were thousands of years back. You might have heard about resistance development by bacteria for a particular anti biotic or some Medicines which are considered outdated now a day and of no use to treat a health problem. But in case of Ayurvedic Medicines there is nothing like this. These have not lost their efficacy till now in any way.

More than this there are certain health problems for which there is no treatment in modern health science like liver problems and health problems related with diet and lifestyle. In these health problems; only Ayurvedic Medicines are proven effective.

The special thing about Ayurvedic Medicines is that these are also nourishing for the body organs not simply therapeutic. You cannot even imagine about taking allopathic Medicines when you are quite healthy (Can you think of taking an anti biotic when you are not having any signs of infection.) But in case of Ayurvedic Medicines it is just a routine thing that more than as a medicine these are taken as health supplements. (It is just common to take Talisadi Churna even when a fellow is not having any throat infection as it improves the working of the throat). In Allopathic Science there is nothing like improving an organ or body system. They are always looking for the substitutes like thyroid hormone in hypothyroidism (who cares about improving the functions of the thyroid gland); replacing hip or knee joints in arthritis of hip or knees.

Ayurvedic Medicines bring permanent improvement in the working of the body organs and systems. There is nothing like simply suppressing the signs and symptoms of the disease and let it to aggravate more and more.

All these differences are because of the different approaches of these health sciences. Where allopathic science is aimed just to treat the disease (frankly saying just making the signs of disease to disappear) the aim of Ayurveda is always complete health. In Ayurveda maintenance of health of a healthy fellow (Thus not allowing the disease to appear) comes first to the treatment of a diseased fellow.

Special about the Ayurvedic Medicines from eVaidyaJi.com:

  • Easy to take: It ensures that a fellow is taking the proper dosage of a particular medicine.
  • Authentic Herbs: While preparing Ayurvedic Medicines we take proper care about the raw material. Our best efforts are to use the authentic raw material for the medicines. We never look for the substitutes of certain Ayurveda herbs.

Besides this while preparing Ayurveda Medicines we take proper care about the season of procuring the raw material, the effective part of the plant and the best way to ensure that the active part of the medicine is not lost in manufacturing process. This is the result of constant efforts of the eVaidyaJi team that our Ayurvedic Medicines are more effective than the Medicines from other pharmacies.

  • Authentic methods of Medicines formation: the methods of Ayurvedic Medicines formation at eVaidyaJi.com comply totally with the authentic methods of medicine formation as told in Ayurveda text. We even take care about the metal of the utensils used for Medicines formation. E.g. if it is indicated that a medicine should be prepared in copper utensil; we will use only the copper utensil to prepare it; doesn’t matter how much costly it will be.
  • Ayurvedic Tablets- Vatis are formulated without using any binding agents or preservative – means no side effect.
  • Besides alleviating the diseases the Ayurvedic Medicines from eVaidyaJi.com also harmonize the Doshas in the body.