Ayurveda About Kid Health

Ayurveda has special concern for Kids. According to Ayurveda this age is the best time to work on health as Ayurveda is always concerned with first to prevent the diseases and make body so immune that it is impeachable by any disease. There is a old saying that "A building will be that  much strong as its foundation" and childhood is the foundation for whole life. 

As per Ayurveda; childhood is the time period of Kapha dominance. This Kapha Dosha works as  the framework of the body which provides everything essential for growth and development in a child. Kapha Dosha specially resides in the upper one third part of the body. So there is no wonder if we notice that the children are always prone to the health issues concerned with chest and respiratory system. As a general principle Honey is the best remedy for Kapha Disease so honey is like nectar for kids. It will help in alleviation of diseases as well as health maintenance to its best. 

Another area of concern for kids is proper mental and psychological development. It is a fact that most of the brain development takes place during childhood so we should also take care for that. For this Ayurveda recommends for Swarna Prashana Samskar (Ayurveda talks about different Samskaras - rituals; not simply for religious purpose but for different landmarks in development of child). In Swarna Prashna Samskar honey, Ghee, Vacha and other herbs along with gold are given to child regularly. With regular use a child will become intelligent enough to recall every thing he hears; will not suffer from seasonal ups downs in his health and could enjoy health to its fullest.