Why Herbs

There are many versions of the theory that why should we use the herbs! Some think that because herbs are natural- that is enough to go for the herbs? Some have an opinion that because modern day sciences have bad side effects on the body so they should be using the alternative systems of medicines- Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine or some aboriginal systems of medicines.

First of all we should be known with the differences between the Alternative System of Medicine and Conventional Medicine! Alternative means when you don’t have any options but if we look at the truth- it is bit different. These so called systems of medicines are much older than the conventional system and conventional modern day medicines are totally or mostly based on the herbs or natural resources alone, they just keep on trying to formulate “complexes” and “combinations” in the labs. Whether this was first antibiotic or something else, everything was taken from natural resources alone. So there shouldn’t be any questions of using herbs or not!

One chemical used singly cannot perform that good as much can a whole herb- this is the first point when we talk about using the herbs in synthetic from or using the extracts of the herbs. Second point is the using the herb in a “proper” way so that the main principles of the herbs will be diluted with in the preparation of the herb, is an important part.

Once we know how to then we can understand many things alone. Question is why herbs?

Compatibility: Herbs grow naturally, wildly have all the potentials to stay alive in the adverse conditions and this makes these herbs loaded with the powerful factors to fight against the diversity of the life. These components or factors are the same for us and for herbs- both! That makes herbs more compatible with us to be used as best solutions!

Capability: We know very well that diseases are unnatural state of the health and health is the natural state. Natural things can bring the natural effects on the body. Allopath medicines are totally synthesized artificially so these can bring some artificial changes like- disappearance of some signs and symptoms etc. but in case of Herbs, these only bring the natural changes in the body and maintains the physiology of the body and maintains it.

Capacity: Herbs are capacitated naturally for the livingness, so these have all the best capacities to bring the healthy changes in the body. This is not alone the alkaloids or some other components which can decide behaviour of the herb, there will be many more natural aspects with a herb which make these a better choice. Generally some of scientists feel that they can mark the active principle of any of the herbs- very true. Still they don’t have an idea that how can they balance the activities of the active principle to an optimized level where this will bring only positive changes in the body, not the negative changes.

Herbs, which grow wildly, has all the skills to grow in the adverse conditions…..they have all the stuff with them to maintain this livingness. When we are using these herbs, we share all these things with the body to maintain the livingness of the body.

These are the three main reasons of using the herbs as a tools using as a medicine for the purpose of treatment of different ailments.

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