Slip Disc

Slip Disc i.e. disc has slipped. What is this disc and what is its usage in body. How it gets slipped?

When it is about movements in any part of a machine; certain measurements are always adopted to make the movements easy and to avoid any type of wear and tear to the machine. The nature has blessed us with the same safety measurements in the form of these Discs.

Our back bone is the most mobile part of the body. Back bone is made up of small pieces of the bones named as vertebrae. The above said Discs are present in between these vertebrae hence named as inter vertebral discs. These discs act as shock absorbing cushion to minimize impact of any jerk to the back bone.

The nerves supplying to the lower limb are passing through the cavity in the vertebrae. To supply in their respective areas these nerves leave the canal through the inter-vertebral space just adjacent to the inter-vertebral disc. Normally all these structures are maintained in their normal position by the specific curvature of the back bone (which is S - shaped) and by the support of the muscular fibers lying adjacent to the back bone.

The wrong sitting postures, sudden jerk or any accident may disturb this curvature. When this curvature is disturbed; there will be unevenness of pressure on the inter-vertebral disc as a result the disc might protrude from one side. As the nerves for supply in lower limb are passing through the same area; the protruded disc will press on the adjacent nerve.

Pressure on the nerves will result in the similar condition as that of sparking in loose joints of wire carrying electricity. Pain, tingling sensation, numbness and other abnormal sensations are just result of pressure on the nerves. Any disturbance in electricity supply will be visible in the supply area similarly these abnormal sensations will be there in the supply area of that particular nerve. This is the reason for a specific pattern of pain/ numbness or other abnormal sensations in lower back and the lower limbs.

So to treat Slip Disc first of all the curvature should be corrected and the disc should be brought back to its normal position. 

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