In an era of disturbed eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle, Piles is a common problem all over the world, nowadays. If you ask medically what the main problem is, all around the globe the answer is not pile, it is constipation. And amazingly most of the sufferers of the constipation even don’t know that they are suffering from constipation. This makes the condition more sever and complicated. Ignorance can be a virtue butt very rarely and surely not in case of diseases and problems with the health. This is the constipation, which is the most prevailing cause behind piles- both bleeding as well as non bleeding piles.

Constipation, a cause?

Piles are a condition, where the blood vessels in the gut swell and their outer walls bulge and balloon. This ballooning and bulging of the blood vessels occurs mostly in the regions where these vessels are not covered properly with the surrounding tissues in the Gut. There are two areas where this happens- one is oesophagus and other one is the anal canal of the body, because there blood vessels are not confined within the tissues of the alimentary canal. So extra pressure on the blood vessels in regions where these are hidden within surrounding tissues- generates pressure on shallow vessels in anal or oesophageal regions. In case of oesophagus, these are not visible and are being over looked but in Anal region these show their presence very easily.

When a person is constipated there will be immense pressure on the blood vessels and this proves to be the main cause for the disease. So if you are constipated, you have 1000 times higher chances to be infected with this disease.

This is one aspect of the problem.

Second one is the malfunctioning of the liver. Liver is responsible for the collection of the blood from all around the gut. This is done by the portal vein. Once there will be a problem in liver or functioning of the liver- this will create back pressure on the portal vein and this pressure will affect the weak and not covered, exposed parts of the blood vessels and will cause the piles. This is the second reason behind the occurrence of the piles.

So the treatment is not to cut off the piles by any means- crayo, ligation etc. etc.! The treatment is to root out the cause and to maintain the normal physiology of the body. The treatment we have developed for this is divided in two parts- treatment for Bleeding Piles and treatment for non bleeding piles, because the treatment differs in both the cases. In case of non bleeding piles we need to heal the wounds on the vessels along with removing the increased pressure from the system. Both different treatment kits have different working on the Doshas, so be very clear that what exactly you are looking for in case of treatment and if your are confused you can consult our Vaidyas for free through online consultation. 

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