To better understand the PCOD, what we call Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease, we need to understand the phenomenon of race! Sounds weird!

Okay! Let’s see the words- Poly means many, cystic tell a stage, ovarian stands for ovary and d is disease…..! This is the exact descriptive meaning of the PCOD.

Before we check what happens exactly in case of PCOD, let’s talk about. In a race how many will win? One! If there will be three persons on the first place….or all runners will touch the victory line at the same time….what will happen! Can there be a result? No….the same condition occurs, when it comes to PCOD! Every month many of the “ova” start a race to be a mature ovum but only one of these will touch the mark of matured ovum. That will be released to the uterus and it will initiate the process of the fertilization with a mature sperm but if no sperm are available and egg is not fertilized this will lead to completion of menstrual cycle and monthly bleeding from uterus. In both the conditions, fertilization occurs or not, the parts from where egg sheds will secrete the hormones and these hormones are responsible for the normal functioning of the human reproductive system.

If there will be same levelled competitors for same reach, it will surely complicate the condition, because none of these will mature and all the process will be arrested on the way- of monthly menstrual cycle.

When there will be more than one ovarian cyst of the size 10 mm, this condition is known as PCOD.

This all happens because of one reason and that is the change in the natural process and working of the body. No exact cause is known for this disease till the date but one thing is sure- hormonal imbalance is a big reason for this problem. But hormonal imbalance is caused by the PCOD also, so we need to take it both the ways.

The best thing to do with the PCOD is that we should try to bring the perfect balance among the Doshas and should always try to maintain the balance. One thing is told as the best for the balance of all the three Doshas, that is- Vyayam (Exercise) and to get what you should do for best exercise- login to your profile and check the Yoga profile for your Dosha!

Our team of Vaidyas, gynaecologists under the guidance of Vaidya Neetu, have brought the best treatment for PCOD. Please check the Treatment and Medicines page to know more about these.

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