Just a headache for those, who have not suffered from this and worst than the death for those who have faced and facing this problem- Migraine!

Migraine is one of the common but complicated and a disease with great complications. The main need to cure the condition is to hit on the cause of the disease. The modern approach of the medical sciences to “relieve” the sign and symptoms by giving some of the pills cannot work for sure as a treatment. You have the headache, you take the medicine and after sometime you feel okay! This cannot be treatment.

According to Ayurveda, Migraine is deep rooted somewhere in gut. Head aches due to stomach, can be an Ayurvedic proverb about headache. This is the right way to understand the headache and specially headache like Migraine.

In most of the cases, a headache is a reflection of some problems with body and is a common symptom for many of the diseases. Headache is a common symptom of fever, tiredness, stress and even of chronic renal failure- so you can better understand severity and commonness of the disease like headache. Certainly in all the conditions, the pattern of pain and way how we can relieve the pain will be different in all the cases. Migraine is unique in many ways; check the signs and symptoms as well as causes of the Migraine to better understand the disease and course of the disease.

Ayurvedic approach for the migraine is very clear. There should be an underlined cause for the disease and according to the cause the course of the treatment will be different. The most common cause for the problem is the upset digestive system, because digestive system is one of the main (almost 80%) part of the body, to secrete the Serotonin- this is a neurotransmitter but also known as – feel good hormone too. This is one whose scarcity is the prominent cause of the conditions like migraine. The main indicated medicines with us under Ayurvedic Medicines for Migraine are to remove this cause, mainly. In more than 80% of cases this line of treatment is successful and complete in itself.

Ayurvedic Medicines are safe, without any side effects are effective greatly, to relieve the problem.

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