According to Ayurveda every individual is a unique entity in this we need to add- females are more unique and special both physically and psychologically. The hormonal system of the females, make them unique in all the ways. This uniqueness starts with the puberty and goes on for the entire life. Menopause is a step of the same process. It is thought that menopause is the termination of all these “uniqueness” and “hormonal specialization” of females. Not very true!

Just like the puberty, menopause is also an important event for the female body- both physically and psychologically. The setup of the body, with which body was working since years and years changes all of sudden, obviously there will be some changes in the body and body will behave differently, for sure.

For few females, this period will be just like any other phase and there will be minimal changes in the working of the body but for some these changes will be so drastic before the menopause and even after the menopause that it proves the worst period of their life. This is the period before and after the menopause, which makes the disease twofold – pre menopausal syndrome and post menopausal syndrome.

Most sadly the best proverb related to the health- “Prevention is better than cure” never applies to this condition of menopause. Because you can never predict – how your body will react to a certain condition and what will be the severity of the response mechanism of the body. So you need better, proper and accurate care for this period.

They (the mechanical doctors of ours) say that hormonal replacement therapy is the treatment but when we look at the complications of the HRT, it sounds that it is better to stay with the disease than to take these medicines for relieve. But you need not to stay diseased, because you have Ayurveda, with you and eVaidyaJi at your service.

The treatment kit developed for the condition of the Menopause by Vaidyas at eVaidyaJi Wellness is unique in many ways-

This is not a replacement therapy, because Ayurveda believes in replenishment….no replacement please!

Ayurvedic treatment for menopause is not aimed to relieve and cover some of the signs and symptoms alone, treatment we have developed, is aimed to reduce/remove the complications of the change inside the body and as well to recreate the normal functioning of the body.

The treatment for Pre and Post Menopausal syndrome is never important to be just a treatment, this is more about the care your body needs. So even if you are in the middle of menopause, you should use the kits available with us, because this kit is not alone for some signs and symptoms…this is also for rescue. Rescue against the complications of the menopausal changes in the body.

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