Hypothyroidism is one of two thyroid problems, which are common nowadays because of the diet and lifestyle of modern day. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid is hypoactive and does not produce enough thyroid hormones.

The most common form of hypothyroidic diseases described in Ayurveda is the enlarged thyroid gland (galaganda), now known as goiter. In fact, goiter is produced by the inadequate secretion of thyroid hormones, resulting in a positive feedback of a pituitary hormone, thyrotropin (thyrotropin-stimulating hormone [TSH]), on the thyroid gland that ultimately enlarges. This disease process was recognized by early Ayurvedic practitioners.

According to modern science there are many reasons behind the upset of functions of thyroid. But no proper theory has been postulated till the date which can help in the cure of the problem with the thyroid. Where something is reduced, modern medicos believe in supplying that from outside and once something is increased they believe that the increased factor should be reduced by giving some opposite factors. No where they try to find out the way to normalize the things inside the body, this is their way.

All these endocrinal problems are deep rooted in between the Psychological and Physiological junctions of the body. This is Ayurveda alone among all the medicinal sciences which believe in both physiology and psychology at the same time. The key concepts of Ayurveda- Doshas are not only responsible for controlling over the physical part of the body but also responsible similarly for psychological condition of the body. Know all about Doshas in Ayurveda.

The condition of the Hypothyroidism is a condition of Vata and Kapha aggravation. Both Doshas are opposite in nature. When there two meet together, these make a deadly combination! Water with Air, you can understand what happens!

Vata is first aggravated in case of the Hypothyroidism which brings the psychological disturbances like- stress and anxiety to a severe level and this condition of aggravated Vata is a cause for the aggravation of the Kapha! This is the reason why this condition is always keep on fluctuate, due to involvement of the Vata! If we look at the signs and symptoms we can understand how much there two Doshas are involved in this condition-

We treat the condition according to one’s Dosha, no direct medicines are available for this condition. So please refer to online consultation page for the same. If you wish to know about the basic details about the treatment and other aspects of the Hypothyroidism, please check the links below.

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