Have you ever seen a balloon, but obviously you have seen that. We are like balloons, only. Funny!! Not really! This is not funny, this is serious and a better way to understand the body.

As if, there is air inside and outside the balloon…similarly we have the pool of energy both inside and outside. This energy (in our case) and air (in case of balloon) keep on exchanging- from outer to inner and vice versa in some cases. This is the process of life. Balloons don’t have a mechanism to food and we have- this is the reason we have larger life span in comparison to the balloons. Think if balloons can replenish the air inside- will these “die”? No chance!

We have some other point here; will talk about the lifespan, some other time.

It is important to have the right pressure, inside and outside to live healthy. Remove the air from balloon, by any means and you will see that balloon will shrink, dull and wrinkled. This is what happens in case of the Hypotension with our body, cells and systems.

The optimum pressure is important for optimized functioning of our bodies. Hypo is less and tension is the pressure built by the fluids inside.

Ayurveda depicts the same condition as Rasa Kshaya. Rasa Kshaya is a condition where the primary fluids of the body- which are present everywhere in the body- right from intercellular space to intracellular spaces….everywhere….even in the cavity of the brain too- are reduced. There will be a condition of phobia in this stare, low level of energy in the body. This is a severe condition, severer than the commonly spread hypertension, because hypotension can collapse a person in seconds where hypertension can bring some chronic changes in the body like atherosclerosis, so it is important to deal with the condition of the hypotension immediately and with effective measures to save the body from this collapse.

Ayurveda has a promising solution for this condition, because Ayurveda don’t recommend replenishing the fluids by a prick or drink- Ayurveda believes in proper functioning of the fluid mechanism and the buffer system of the body.

You don’t have water at home; you bought some water from market- a good option. You removed the reason behind the scarcity of water- the best option. So Ayurveda relies on the best option, not the good alone. You need the best for you because your machine is the best machine of the world.

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