Body and mind are connected with help of the hormones because these hormones work as linking chemical messengers between body and mind. This is the reason all the hormonal problems have twofold causes- physical causes and psychological causes. Whatever may be the causes the problem will be always psychosomatic- leaves a deep impact on body as well as mind.

Before touching the problem with the thyroid, we should confirm that exactly for what thyroid is appointed; this is the best way to understand that what will be affected in case of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Thyroid is designated to-

  •  Calcium management inside the body
  •   Control over metabolic rate
  •   Pace of the body
  •   Maintenance of the process of digestion

These are some main works of the thyroid gland, via its hormones- T3 and T4.

Due to mismanagement of the calcium, it brings changes in working of muscles, nerves and cardiac tissues. Because of high metabolic rate in case of hyperthyroidism there will be – quick use of the food stored with the body and body will face a condition like- weight loss, increased appetite/Anorexia, Vomiting and Diarrhoea. These are some of the conditions which prevail with the body once thyroid function is not within the limits.

There are two causes of hyperthyroidism- Iodine deficiency and Stress. First one is good manageable and can be prevented easily with help of the diet with adequate iodine.

Second one is a serious problem! Because most of us have accepted that we don’t have any control on the stress and this is the common routine feature for us. But the area, where you lodge your stress and feelings are associated with the pituitary gland- the master gland, which controls all the endocrinal glands of the body. So once you are overstressed, your pituitary will be derailed from normal functions. Result of this derailment will be the disturbed functions of the endocrinal glands which are very common with thyroid gland.

Females are prone to the problems of thyroid, because females are prone to stress. Females think emotionally which makes them more stressed in routine life and problems like thyroid imbalance are much common with them.

After continuous research we have marked some help for hyperthyroid patients from Ayurvedic viewpoint. We don’t claim this as a treatment or cure of the disease still you can opt this treatment to assist your body in a proper way, if you have not started taking any of the allopath medicines, yet and you are newly diagnosed patient of hyperthyroidism! Check the links below, these will certainly assist you in some way. 

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