Sensation of burning inside the stomach, acidic water brash, cutting pain in stomach these are some of the signs and symptoms of a person suffering from hyperacidity. The person will be wandering here and there for bananas and cold milk, everywhere and every time.  Surely, should have tried for all over the counter medicines to cool down the “fire” inside but these are never a solution for anyone. Hyperacidity seems to be a simplest condition of hyper-production of HCl from few cells of the stomach, nothing else!

Is it a severe problem?

Is there any permanent cure of Hyperacidity?

Can this production of HCl be controlled?

What should be the diet for this condition?

These are some of the general question, which every person suffering from hyperacidity keeps on looking for, without getting an answer. Let’s find the answers one by one-

Yes, this is a severe cause for different problems. It can lead to peptic ulcers and even to the perforation of the stomach! Patients of hyperacidity generally faces the problem with bones and joints, the high acidic contain of the body, starts weakening the bones. So this is not a small issue, if you are health conscious, to be handled with care.

You might have tried all the solutions for hyperacidity, but feeling like- “in vain”! So second question is for you! You always tried (better to say all your medicines in place of you) to neutralize the high acidic nature of your stomach, but never aimed to find out a final solution for reducing the production of acid inside your body. The medicines, what you call- Antacids are against the acids, not aimed to your health at all. You will be astonished once you will come to know about the SIDE EFFECTS OF ANTACIDS on your health.

We are talking about control on HCl production; there are certain medicines, aimed to this. But all these medicines are aimed to just “stop” and “cease” the production of HCl. They are not worried about maintaining the production of the HCl in balanced and normal way of doing all this. You don’t have moderate HCl in your stomach; your body will be prone for the bacterial and other infections with your food. So whatever you need, you need to do in a natural way. Things should be natural.

They say that eating, drinking cool will help you to get rid of the problem. Baseless idea! You should read this article- Cold is not Cool for you and you will know all about your problem and the truth about the Cold foods and diets.

We have learnt how to make some healthy changes inside the body, without changing or ruining normal procedure of the body. This is the specialization of eVaidyaJi Wellness that most of times, everybody of us talk about HEALTH not about diseases. Our Vaidyas has developed the complete rescue, recovery and replenishment program for conditions like hyperacidity. Read the articles below and know more about the Hyperacidity and its treatment.  
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