High Cholesterol

Hyperlipidemia- most commonly known as high cholesterol or increased fats, is a condition where cholesterol crosses the desired level in the blood. This is a condition which can make worried to anyone because this high level of the cholesterol can initiate the process of Heart diseases, stroke and many other severe problems in the body. This is the reason why cholesterol is the worst and most popular villain of the Mediwood (like Holy and Boly- Wood!)

This is a common confusion of every lay man (Even few dumb and dull medicos also think like this) that cholesterol level is associated with the increased intake of the fats alone. This is true, but half true. The intake of the cholesterol or fats can disturb the body half the way but body is equally responsible for the mis-management of the cholesterol. There are certain other reasons, which are more responsible than eating fats, for increasing the fats inside the body. These are -

A.    Liver: liver is equipped and responsible for production of the cholesterol inside the body. A once liver function are not okay, due to some bad habits (Alcohol) or due to some infection (Hepatitis) or some other problems- this lead to the problem with the fat metabolism and it derails the normal level of the cholesterol inside the body.

B.    Cells: All the cells of the body are well trained to produce the cholesterol, because their body walls are made up of the cholesterol only, for their survival. Once cells of the body don’t get proper amount of cholesterol from the diet, these initiate the process of making more and more cholesterol inside the body. Once cells have their own Cholesterol, the cholesterol we intake (smallest quantities) will keep on flowing in the blood stream. So eating no fats is more dangerous than eating fats in moderate quantity and right manner.

C.    Wrong way to take foods: We have lost our normal foods under the impression of the multinational food giants (no need to name some). We know we are easting wrong and that too in the worst way. This led us to the problems in future.

D.   Bad Lifestyle: We always enjoy parties, extra works on cost of our health, this works as a catalyst for the problem.

When it comes to maintain and manage the condition of the high cholesterol others aim to lower the cholesterol alone, none is worried about making the system associated with the cholesterol perfect. Even in name of Ayurveda people keep on telling taking garlic can help. This can help surely, but cannot cure the condition.

At eVaidyaJi wellness we treat the cause behind the problem. Once cause is removed the problem will disappear by itself. Our team has developed complete course of the treatment to manage the cholesterol inside the body. Articles below will clear the fog from the misconceptions about difference between health and diseases!
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