High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the most common problem of the modern day lifestyle after disease like obesity and diabetes. Blood pressure is related to both body and mind and a minimal effect or change in any of these two (body and mind) can alter the blood pressure to high as well as low, very quickly. Before we talk about the management of the blood pressure alias Hypertension, lets first understand what is Blood Pressure exactly? 

High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is the pressure- built up by the flowing blood on the walls of arteries! So there will be many things involved in the level and readings of the blood pressure- this is the volume of the blood, the pressure with which heart is pumping the blood in the vessels and how much constricted are the blood arteries- these three things cumulatively decide the blood pressure over all. Now according to the causes there might be several things involved under every reason of the high blood pressure. 

Volume of the blood: This alters when you kidneys are not able to flush proper amount of the water, or your body has some other reasons to retain extra water.
Pressure of the heart: There are certain conditions where body starts feeling a condition of emergencies and stress and heart starts pushing more blood with great power to the heart and that too increases the blood pressure. 
Constricted walls of the arteries: Due to some stress hormones and other conditions the walls of the blood vessels constrict all of a sudden, as the lumen reduces- the pressure will be increased for sure. 

All these reasons are secondary causes, not the primary and this is the main mistake in the treatment of the High Blood Pressure. Ayurveda has a different approach for the treatment of the high blood pressure. 

Ayurvedic Management of High Blood Pressure:

According to Ayurveda the main course of the treatment should be the management of the natural limits and rectification of the cause behind the high blood pressure. Ayurveda believes that once you have some problem you should try to find out that what is the cause behind the problem, otherwise that is not the cure or treatment of the condition that is just the suppression of the signs and symptoms of a problem. Here are few links which will head you for the details that how Ayurveda cures the high blood pressure and gives the body complete wellness. 

This is not about taking the medicines for life long with Ayurveda and Yoga!

Generally, once you are diagnosed with the high blood pressure you will be told that now you are a medicine dependant person and you will have to start your day with a pill or two to control your blood pressure. This is not like this! You need to monitor your blood pressure daily and regularly but it never means that you will be a medicine depandant. Once you will remove the root cause of the problem you will be perfectly fine. 

Ayurvedic cure of high blood pressure is all about regulation and management of the conditions, this is not about maintaining your blood pressure by lowering your blood pressure by different means and making you to feel better. This is the reason, when it comes to Ayurvedic management or cure of a condition like blood pressure, you will have to continue the medications for longer times that is the only way to maintain the blood pressure for whole life within normal limits. 

Modern science is tricky (they use tricks alone) in maintaining the blood pressure with in normal values. How are they read here Treatment of High Blood Pressure with modern medicines and you will know that what are the bad effects of these medicines.