When someone says gouty arthritis, it recalls us some joint problem, because of the post-fixed arthritis. Gout is hardly a disease of joints, yes it reflects on the joints; that is the only association of the gout with the Joints.

Gout is a problem of metabolism. Metabolism of proteins is impaired and misdirected in case of the Gout and once this metabolism is disturbed, this starts producing the unwanted “uric acid” in higher quantities. Uric acid is a must to be formed and toxic by-product made during the process of Protein Metabolism. This is something like that carbon which is produced while working of an engine. This is for sure that engine will produce carbon but problem starts when an engine starts eliminating the same carbon in high quantity. Once the volume of eliminated carbon will be high certainly it will choke the engine. Same happens in case of Uric Acid. When body starts producing excess of the Uric Acid, the same acid starts accumulating in the joints and starts pain in joints.

If we see same with Ayurvedic viewpoint, the problem starts with the three different things-

1.    Disturbed Metabolism

2.    Improper Diet

3.    Poor elimination of the toxic bi-products from the body.

The first and foremost reason is the main one because in most of cases we can find this condition, clinically. Second one is a cause for the first one as well cause itself. Third one is rare, but is a prominent factor with people who have not done proper detoxification in timely manner.

For modern science, treatment of the gout only means to lower the amount of uric acid by giving a neutralizing agent of the uric acid and to restrict the protein diet. This will result in two ways-

a.    Production of uric acid is as it is, as it was

b.    Low protein diet will have its own consequences and complications.

Nowhere is the treatment of the condition? This is what they call a treatment.

Ayurveda augments threefold treatment, which is-

1.    To correct the metabolism.

2.    To improve the dietary pattern

3.    To eliminate the excessive uric acid from the body; in spite of neutralizing this

The same is approach we have accepted when we have developed Ayurvedic Kit for Gout because our Vaidyas are well aware about the process of the treatment and how to eradicate the problem completely from the body, without leaving some traces within the body. You should also read the following articles to understand the problem perfectly.
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