Fibromyalgia is a condition of body pains and stiffness of the body which is always chronic in nature. This is a common condition all around the world and modern medicines are clueless about its causes till now. As discussed many times, ionce we don’t have a perfect cause for a problem, we cannot treat or cure that condition same is applicable with the fibromyalgia too.

Ayurveda does have an answer for this according to Ayurveda Fibromyalgia mimics a condition of improper and bad digestion, well known to Ayurvedic community as Ama! Ama is a condition where eaten foods are changed to semi digested foods by digestive system and the same semi digested foods are toxic to the body and causes many problems in association with Doshas. Once Ama meets the Vata, a condition of Ama-Vata appears, which is similar to the Fibromyalgia in primary stages and once chronic this changes to the Rheumatoid Arthritis. Modder medicines also accept this that Fibromyalgia is deeply associated with Rehumatoid Arthritis.

Here is the table of the Ama and Fibromyalgia- a comparative study- 


Signs and Symptoms Ama in Ayurveda Fibromyalgia
Stiffness in Body YES YES
Loss of Appetite YES YES
Poor Digestion YES YES
Palpitations YES YES
Weakness in Limbs YES YES
Restlessness YES YES
Headache YES YES
Muscular Spasm YES YES
Disturbed Sleep YES YES
Neural Pain YES YES
Malaise YES YES

This comparative study between Ama condition from Ayurveda and Fibromyalgia represents association between Ama and Fibromyalgia. So Ayurveda has a cause for the fibromyalgia so Ayurveda does have a solution for the problem.

Modern sciences cannot accept that healthy digestive system is an important thing for better working of the human body (Reason is unsure till the date), but Ayurveda is very clear that body's problems will surely aggravate if we cannot keep the digestion in perfect mode. Have a look on below links.

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