According to World health Organization the exact definition of Diarrhoea is- “Diarrhoea is the passage of 3 or more loose or liquid stools per day, or more frequently than is normal for the individual. It is usually a symptom of gastrointestinal infection, which can be caused by a variety of bacterial, viral and parasitic organisms. Infection is spread through contaminated food or drinking-water, or from person to person as a result of poor hygiene.”

This is the condition everybody of us have faced once, twice, thrice or many times in our life. When we are discussing Diarrhoea here we have two aspects in our mind-

1.    Repetitive episodes of Diarrhoea

2.    Chronic Diarrhoea

Because for instant relief in a diarrhoeal condition you will prefer the modern day medicines as they act fast and cease the motions immediately. This might not be the way to treat a condition, but we have the same approach in our minds, for always that we need some quick relief. These are the many times “quick relief” we have enjoyed with the modern day medicines- which make us cases of above two- repetitive diarrhoea and chronic diarrhoea. These are the gifts of the medicines we have taken like a food, many times in our life.

The approach of treatment of Diarrhoea in modern medicine and Ayurveda are entirely different. According to modern medicines, stop and cease the motions as soon as possible- for this paralyze the intestines or do anything. And they are always successful in doing so.

On other hand Ayurveda says, think about the cause, first. Don’t be hectic in making decisions. There should be any reason with the body that it is behaving like this. Body wants to eliminate something bad and we ask her not to do so, how good is this, you are intelligent enough to understand this. If this is a case of the psychological disturbance, you need to check out the cause and give confidence and condolence to the body as well as mind, in spite of causing a hue and cry over the issue. So cause of the problem is the main thing, which should be addressed by us.

Once we are trying to “fool” the body and order her (our body) not to make any good decisions, it will surely cause the same conditions again and again …… sooner or later the case will be chronic.

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