We all are timed with a biological clock and all activities related to body physiology should complete in a timely manner. This is clock is all set for digestion, sleep, daily needs and much more. Excretion of waste products from the body is an important part of the body activity and also of the biological clock. Our body needs to remove the waste products from itself in a timely manner, so that these wastes won’t affect the normal activities of the body. Constipation is a condition in which the regularity and rhythm of the intestines is changed.

Most of us keep on avoiding the condition like Constipation and starts taking this disease as a normal behaviour of the body. Is it exactly so?

Think and imagine that sewerage system of your house or your city is not working properly and the waste of your house is dumped in your house/building/street/road or somewhere like this. What will be the condition? Is it a condition with which you can reside? No!! How can you think that all your cells should reside in a turbid environment? Constipation is the same condition where sewerage system of your body is neither behaving nor working normally so conditions with the body will be surely turbid inside.

Few people think that they are visiting the loo for more than twice a day so how can they have constipation! If you are in the same category, then for sure you are patient of Constipation and you should work on this condition actually you should get rid of this. There are two patterns of the evacuation of the bowel in normal- 12 hours / 24 hours system and this is the only right system. Some articles or books on wellness might tell that in western countries this cycle can be of 48 or 72 hours even, not true, they impress you by bringing the feel good factor for you, so you need to check the things within normal and optimum standards.

Once you are constipated, your body start accumulating the toxins inside and these toxins keep on sediment in the body’s system and that leaves body with probability of the being diseased with numerous diseases.

Treatment of constipation is just to bring normalcy of the biological clock of body, which can be achieved by adjusting the diet and lifestyle in optimum. When we talk about the diet for the constipation green colour covers our eyes and we start looking for roughage all around. This is not exactly true that having a lot of roughage will solve the problem of Constipation. Read the Article here!

Second is the confusion about amount of drinking water. This is thought more the water better the excretion of wastes. This is again half true. If we look at Ayurvedic perception of the same, according to Ayurveda excess of the drinking water can lead you to the disturbance of the digestive system. This seems right when we check the working of the digestive system, once we are overloading our digestive system with excess of water- the water keep on flushing the digestive juices from the gut and it increases the severity of the problems with digestive system.

We don’t recommend using the laxatives on regular basis as per the ideology of Ayurveda. The products we have developed are not intended to liquefy the stool or increasing the bulk weight of the stool, so that it will be excreted easily. The treatment we have developed is on an approach of maintaining the normal biological clock of the body, so that you can achieve the complete wellness.

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