Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a condition in which sufferer keeps on feeling tiered for the whole day even without exerting. This condition is common in the females of age 30-50, generally but anyone can be a patient for this condition. This is a condition which affects not only the working capacity of a person but also will impact the social behaviour of a person, because this condition of “always tired” brings a lot of irritation in behaviour.

There is no underlying cause of this problem, with modern medicine and if you don’t have a cause for a disease you cannot have the treatment of the condition- is the hard line about the treatments in any of the medical sciences. Ayurveda has the right definition and presentation of the problem. Ayurveda has defined this condition properly.

Once you body and your sense organs are not happy and feeling uneasy- this is known as a “master-disease” in Ayurveda and known as Jwara! Jwara is considered as pyrexia and fever alone but truly speaking this is a complex and complete disease because it has a wide coverage of the disease and this is the reason why Jwara is known as – Master Disease. Jwara is the first and foremost condition which was felt by the human beings. How can be this possible? Yes, whenever you fall ill you might have felt certain signs and symptoms with your body, which alerted you that you might fall ill? These symptoms are as simple as-

  • Feeling- not well
  • Not interested in doing any works
  • Lost and confused senses
  • Irritating behaviour
  • Pain and stiffness in body
  • Tiredness and malaise

Believe…these all are the signs and symptoms of Jwara! Which might be different a bit according to the body type of an individual or according to the Dosha involved with the disease, you are suffering with. This is a brief about Jwara.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition, which resembles Vataj Jwara (the Jwara caused by Vata Dosha). Body Ache, Stiffness in body, Body pains specially in evening hours and before bed, Flatulence, constipation, not feeling well for the whole day are the common signs and symptoms of these two conditions.

Now, when we have a cause, we can do the treatment too!

Vataj Jwara is caused by the Vata vitiating diet and lifestyle, so this is the first step that you should have a proper knowledge about your Diet and Lifestyle according to your Doshas- once the main cause will be removed it will be easy to get rid of the problem.

Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Ayurveda is aimed to rectify the digestive system first to control the disease. For this, our team of Ayurvedic Physicians has worked hard to design the treatment for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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