Bronchial Asthma

High level of pollution, increased trend of smoking, working in low level of temperature- these are few of the factors which have increased the cases of Bronchial Asthma and have made it a common problem around the world.

Our lungs are sponge like structure to puff the air inside. This air is used to exchange the life gas oxygen and excretory gas carbon-di-oxide between the air and blood. To maintain the proper working of lungs it is important to have some lubrication inside these. This, lubrication is done by a rich in protein mucus secretion by the inner lining of the lungs. This secretion does few main things for the better working of the lungs-

  • Moist the air inhaled- otherwise lungs will be too dry to brittle.
  • Brings the normal temperature, so that outer temperature won’t affect the normal thermostat of the body.
  • Mucus secretion traps the dust particles, bacteria and other disease causing agents.

Once this mucosal secretion is increased above the normal limits, it causes the problems with working of the lungs. It becomes important to “expel” this mucus which is mostly known as “sputum” or “cough” in laymen’s language. Beside this increased mucus secretion (phlegm) and inflamed mucus membrane the smooth muscles of the lungs also start constricting and this causes the narrowness of the pathways for the air.

This low level of the air causes inadequate supply of the oxygen to the different body parts or in other words increased carbondioxide in the blood stream- both are one and same and relative- and collectively decreases the working capacity of the body and all due to this common signs and symptoms of the Asthma appear. As these signs and symptoms of the Asthma appear in attacks this is the reason why Asthma is told as Attack of Asthma!

Bronchodilators are the best and first line of treatment of Asthma for the Allopath Modern day sciences. These are used in form of inhalers, where one can puff the medicines direct to the lungs; these inhalers dilate the smooth muscles of the lungs, temporarily and give the quick relief from the problem. These puffs are life saving no doubt, but these are never solutions for the problems.

As discussed in different parts of the website all the cells of the body has their own intelligence. So once you will dilate these bronchial walls forcefully, these will re-constrict more forcefully and believe in this race of dilatation and constriction.....body will win end of the day and this win of the body can be as deadly as death itself!!

Ayurvedic Treatment for Bronchial Asthma is based upon the different concepts. Generally who ever knows a bit of Ayurveda will say that Asthma is a disease of the Kapha Dosha!! Not at all. This is very much important to clear about because otherwise everybody will keep on using the diets for against the Kapha Dosha, which is not desired.

Asthma according to Ayurvedic principles is a disease of the Pitta, because there is inflammation in the lung tree and secondly Pitta itself is liquid in nature and full of irritation so this is almost a condition where Pitta aggravates the Kapha. So the treatment should be the Pitta pacifying one. This is the important factor in the treatment of Bronchial Asthma.

We have developed the treatment for Bronchial Asthma in Ayurveda by a collective effort of our team of Vaidyas. Please check the links below to understand the treatment for this disease

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