Autoimmune Diseases

Immunity is important to be understood for better understanding of the Autoimmune Disorders.

Immunity is a fence of the cells and some other attributes which make the defensive line against invasion of the different disease causing bacteria or attributes. This line should be well aware about the friends and foes, because before attacking someone this knowledge of selectiveness is important to have.

In Autoimmune diseases, the cells involved with in the immune system, forgets this difference in the friend and foe. This makes these cells to attack on the friends and these cells are capable of eating and destroying, because these are “born to kill” type parts of the body. So these start eating up the normal cells of the body that will obviously lead to the problems. You are ruining the important parts of the body.

Modern day medical sciences think that these all disorders are of two types- Genetic Issues and Mutations (all of sudden changes) in these immunity cells. Ayurveda doesn’t believe this too much. According to Ayurveda- body is a working organization where all cells contribute to the performance of this organization. These cells are individuals too. They have all the possibilities to perform all biological activities on their personal level (best example to understand this is the working of Amoebae, a unicellular animal); this is the commitment of these cells to work all together, which maintains the working the body.

These individual cells are loaded with the intelligence and intellect too. Once this intelligence and intellect is changed due to repetitive mistakes of Diet and Lifestyle, cells start behaving “wrongly” and this causes the problems like Autoimmune Disorders.

This Ayurvedic interpretation of the Autoimmune Disorders may not be able to explain the disease likewise the modern medical sciences, but what is amazing is the treatment of autoimmune diseases in Ayurveda. This is because of the approach only.

Where modern medical sciences use the tools to suppress the immunity to get rid of these diseases, Ayurveda has some other cards to play. Ayurveda believes that neither low nor high immunity is good for the body so we need to keep this immune level within limits and optimized. Second reason for the high success rate of the treatment of the autoimmune diseases in Ayurveda is the working of the Ayurveda with the intelligence and intellect of the body. With these two tools, it becomes very clear that Ayurveda have more promises to keep in case of Autoimmune Diseases.

Anabolic steroidal medicines, which are the first line of treatment for modern medicines can cause millions of the problems to the body. These are feel good medicines up to some extent and this is important to understand that by using these options we can only suppress the diseases cannot have their treatment. Beside this these Anabolic Steroids causes a lot of side effects and can deteriorate the conditions further. This is a well known thing that people who keep on using these medicines for longer times will be prone to the problems on psychological level even, because these medicines tend to suppress the psychology of the body.

Our Vaidyas at eVaidyaJi have done a continuous research on these conditions and the solutions for Autoimmune Diseases have been brought. These are not miraculous supplements, these take long enough time to fight against the diseases but this is for sure that these will cure the condition from the root, because we plan for the treatment, we work on data, intuition and reliable sources which brings a lot of difference in between others and eVaidyaJi.

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