We are concerned about the machines, we live with the machines, these are closer to us than human beings even. In this age mind, feels “avoided”, “alone” and “annoyed” result is- mind has its own problems and these are the main problems today which are causing the diseases with all of us. Anxiety itself is a disease and is a single cause for thousands of diseases.

According to modern medical sciences there might be limited number of diseases which are psychosomatic in nature but Ayurveda has a different opinion about all this. According to Ayurveda none of the diseases are alone physical or alone psychological. We cannot dissect and keep the two dimensions- Physical and Psychological differently.

Anxiety is involved in most of the diseases and works like a cause for all these diseases. So if we can have a control on Anxiety, we can almost control most of the diseases. This is the basic thought and it should be applied to achieve the aim of “Complete Health”.

Anxiety seems to be a part of our lives and nowadays everybody of us is ready to accept anxiety as a common factor linked with daily lifestyle of this era. This is never that true. We are observing the lock on the gate but are not able to find the key, which is with us always. Ayurveda uses the same key to open the lock for the treatment of anxiety.

Ayurveda never believes to make you drug dependant for any of the conditions and especially in case of the psychological disorders. This cannot be a solution to make the brain inert to think and to stop the normal activities of the brain. Brain is a self-dependent system of the body, it soon starts adopting these changes and it becomes addictive. Addiction cannot be a treatment. Secondly, addiction needs more and more – dosages. So sooner or later a person will need more and more quantity of these medicines. This is neither accepted by Ayurveda nor appreciable. Therefore Ayurveda doesn’t have any option like- Sedative/Anxiolytic drugs.

Some people who malpractice Ayurveda, will demarcate some of the herbs which are more narcotics in nature, less curative for the treatment of the Anxiety. But this is not authentic treatment by Ayurveda. Please beware of these people.

Ayurvedic treatment for Anxiety is based on the concept- make the brain stronger to deal with the situations. The complete course of the treatment our Vaidyas have developed after a deep research is done in the following way:

  • To support the individual to understand the level of Anxiety and its ill effects.
  • To strengthen the brain and hormonal system to respond peacefully.
  • Restoration of the normal behaviour. 
  • Training of Yoga on individualization to make sure that you wont have these attacks again and again.
  • Post treatment management to assure you will never have these attacks of anxiety again.

Here a question rises- why hormonal system? Hormones are the internal messengers which are responsible for the “attitude” of ours to deal with a condition. Once this system doesn’t support the level of pressure and becomes incapable to deal with the conditions- it will make us prone to the anxiety.

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