Menstrual cycle is an important part of female health, because it represents the hormonal and gynaecological health of a female. In medical history of a woman, it is important to note that how the menstrual cycle is going on with a female, so this is an important monthly activity of the body in females.

Amenorrhoea is a condition of missed and absent periods. This might be a temporary condition or a chronic one too and there are two reasons behind amenorrhoea. One is the primary cause- where periods miss due to some underlying pathological changes or causes in the body or in another condition when a female is pregnant or lactating mothers might face this condition, which is known as a secondary amenorrhea.

Because Ayurveda cares a lot about physiology so there is an immense importance of the Menstrual Cycles in Ayurveda. All the three Doshas and Dhatus, whatever represents the normal activity- physiology of the body regulates the menstrual cycles.

Vata regulates the periodicity of the menstrual cycles and especially the Apana Vata (a type of the Vata Dosha) is responsible for the maintenance of the periodicity of the menstrual cycle. If there is some imbalance of the Vata, there will be allied symptoms of the Vata disturbances like chronic constipation, muscular and neural pains etc. So Vata is the main Dosha behind all this upset.

Second Dosha is the Pitta. Menstrual cycle which is known as Aartava, mainly contains abundant of blood within it and Blood (Rakta) is associated with the Pitta, so there will be great chances of condition like amenorrhoea with a patient of Pitta imbalance. Generally this condition appears when there is deprivation of the Pitta Dosha in the body- in a condition like- Anaemia. It is noticed many times that a female patient with mild anaemia will be suffering from oligomenorrhea and patients with chronic and severe anaemia will be facing Amenorrhoea.

In case of Pitta, Pitta also represents the pace of metabolism as well as the hormonal setup of the human body. So if there is some kind of hormonal problems like Hypothyroidism or problem with some of the sex hormones this condition of Amenorrhoea can prevail with the patients.

Kapha is last among these three Doshas. If aggravated Kapha disturbs both of the Vata and Pitta, so there will be chances of occurring amenorrhea with these patients. In another view conditions like Obesity and Hypothyroidism are also an underlying cause of the Amenorrhea.

So over all when we look at the treatment of the Amenorrhea, we should have a clear vision about the imbalance of the Doshas, because this is the only parameter with Ayurvedic Treatment which will decide the course of the treatment. This is the basic theme of the treatment when we are providing the complete treatment to the patients.

All our herbal supplements for amenorrhoea are designed in a way so that these will pacify and balance all the three Doshas. Because according to Ayurveda, the right treatment is that which will not aggravate any of the Doshas and will balance all the three Doshas in a unanimously balanced condition. Beside the treatment, diet and lifestyle are also an important part to solve problems like Amenorrhea.

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