Allergy is a state of the body, where body starts giving extra ordinary response towards certain things. These things are known as allergens. Today we have that much developed scientific tools with us that we can mark these allergens easily and can tell that what are the allergens and what exactly is causing the problem to the body.

This might be skin or lungs and some other parts of the body, any part of the body can be allergic and can respond towards some allergens. Even your mind has some traits of allergy.

One of the best numbers in the chart or the best Oscar won actor…..for whom most of the world is crazy about can be on the top of your Hate list in-spite of being in the Hit List. This HATE LIST and HIT LIST these are two things basically which can differentiate the condition of the no allergy or allergy. Your hate list and hit list both are the results of your choices! This is not a problem of the “allergens” this is your own problem.

So right definition of the Allergy is- A condition where our body doesn’t accept certain “things” (chemicals/hairs/pollens/smells/touch etc.) and starts reacting towards these all unexpectedly. This is the simple definition of the Allergy.

According to Ayurveda main principle of being healthy is the condition of the harmony, this harmony is both sided in vitro and in vivo. Our body should behave normally to the inner systems of the body and as well to the surroundings. If body is not able to cop up with the surroundings, this is not a problem of the surrounding, this is the problem of the body. So in Ayurveda treatment of Allergy starts from body itself. Charity begins with self. Ayurveda believes in maintaining the immunity on a moderate level where body will behave within normal conditions.

In some articles of Ayurveda you might have read that Ayurveda increases your immunity by leaps and bounds and this is postulated as a treatment of Allergy. But how can a science talk like this, the science which believes that everything should be normal and should be in a harmony- how this science, Ayurveda can ask to increase some factor above limit.

We need to understand all this before we apply our knowledge to treat the condition, we need to treat the “treatable” and “who needs treatment”! This is important in the policy of treatment and this is the first phase of the treatment of allergy. Mostly you have listened that you should avoid the foods/conditions/chemicals to what you are allergic. But the main course what our team of doctors are accepting is- “to keep on hold on the body and to train the body” for all conditions.

This is the thought behind all the supplements and medicines what we have designed for Ayurvedic Treatment of Allergy. Our line of treatment for the allergy is very much clear and we have defined all the things separately-

  1. Treatment according to the Doshas.
  2. Dietary Guidelines, so that body will adopt the condition faster.
  3. Lifestyle recommendation and application
  4. The post treatment- Modulation of the Immune System of the body

We believe completely to cure all these condition, not only for the suppression of these conditions. This makes treatment at eVaidyaJi different from rest of the treatments facilities.

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