Saunf or fennel/ Anethum sowa is very useful in disturbed digestive system. It corrects the working of digestive system in all aspects. 


Saunf nourishes the whole body specially the eyes and the reproductive organs. This is the reason Saunf is often recommended in conditions of physical weakness and low nutritive conditions.  Saunf is especially beneficial for a feeding mother as it cleanses the mammary glands and improves lactation.

Effect on Doshas-Saunf pacifies the Vata Kapha and Kapha Doshas so it is useful in disorders induced by Vata and Kapha Doshas. 
Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Saunf
Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka

Katu. Tikta

Laghu, Ruksha, Tikshna.

Ushna Katu
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  • Saunf is analgesic, alleviates swelling, hence it is used in pain in abdomen, flatulence, hemiplegia and rheumatic diseases.
  • Saunf decoction is used for fomentation on swelling and painful areas. Leaves ground in a paste are used for application on swelling.
  • Saunf leaves boiled in oil are good for poultice.
  • Saunf improves taste it is an appetite stimulant and digestive.
  • Saunf is also laxative and vermicide.
  • Saunf is used in anorexia, emesis, loss of appetite, indigestion, flatulence, pain in abdomen and worms.
  • Saunf extract is used in children abdominal pain.
  • Saunf is a cardiac stimulant and alleviates swelling, hence useful in cardiac debility and swelling.
  • Being an expectorant, Saunf is used in cough, dyspnoea and hiccough.
  • Being diuretic, Saunf benefits a lot in dysuria.
  • Saunf is Emmenagogue i.e. an herb which stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus. This property makes Saunf very useful in amenorrhea and puerperal disorders. Saunf also benefits in vaginal pain.
  • Saunf is galactagogue i.e. a herb which nourishes the mammary gland and improves lactation. So it is recommended in condition of low milk secretion. 
Best Recommended Uses
  • Saunf powder is recommended in condition of low milk secretion as it nourishes the mammary glands properly and stimulates milk secretion.
  • Saunf powder is also recommended in digestive problems. 
Doses and Useful Parts

Parts Used & Dosage:- Saunf Seed powder is used in dosage of 3-6gm