This herb is with seven whorls in its stem with a dark yellow colored bark- it gives the name Saptarangi- Saptachakra means seven whorls- to this. Saptachakra, Casearia essculanta is a drug of choice for diabetes. It works on the root cause of the diabetes and gives relief to the condition of diabetes by regulating the functions of liver and pancreas. Along with the relieving from the symptoms of the Diabetes and regulating the blood sugar Saptarangi also reduces the risk of side effects of the Diabetes. Because it work on the liver so gives good results in hepatomegaly and other liver related disorders like- jaundice, constipation and bad digestion.

Especially for females- it relieves the painful menstrual periods- dysmenorrhea and regulates the female hormones.
English name :- Wild  coryfruit (winterberry like) 
Effect on Doshas

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Saptarangi 
Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka
Tikta, kashya laghu, ruksha, tikshna Ushna Katu


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  • Saptarangi is useful in kapha-vata disorders.
  • Saptarangi also purifies pitta.
  • Saptarangi reduces the inflammation of piles by local application of root paste
  • Saptarangi being appetizer and digestive, it is useful in loss of appetite dyspepsia etc.
  • Saptarangihas a special action of hepatostimulant and laxative, therefore it is used in liver enlargement, jaundice and constipation.
  • Saptarangi reduces the blood disorders.
  • Saptarangiacts as Rasayana in restoring the normalcy in diabetes and polyuria.
  • Saptarangi helps in reducing excessive sweating by emulsifying fatty tissue.
  • Saptarangiis beneficial in all metabolic disorders like diabetes and obesity.
  •  Saptarangiis useful in all types of menses troubles specially in excessive bleeding and relives pain and discomfort during menses time( pre menstrual symptoms)
Best Recommended Uses
  • Saptarangi is the drug of choice for diabetes by alleviating the root cause for the problem i.e. to correct the working of liver and pancreas. 
Doses and Useful Parts

Dose:-Root powder – 1 -2 gms, Rasayana 0.5- 1 gm, decoction -3-6 gms.