Saptaparna: Alstonia scholaris is a very useful herb as blood purifier, anti bacterial, skin diseases and respiratory distress. 

Saptaparna rejuvenates digestive system so it is used in chronic dysentery, diarrhea. Saptaparna also works well in skin disorders, malarial fever, urticaria. Besides all this Saptaparna is also useful as a cytotoxic herb so it is also used in cancerous growth in the body.
Effect on Doshas·
  • Saptaparna is tridoshaghna, especially kaphavatashamak.
  • Saptaparna is used for the treatment of disease which arise due to tridosha and kaphavata.
Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Saptaparna
Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka
Kashaya, Tikta Snigdha, laghu Ushna (Hot) Katu
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  • Saptaparna  paste of bark is applied on the wounds.
  • Saptaparna bark powder or decoction is loose for loss of appetite, abdominal pain, lump and dysentery.
  • Saptaparna twiges of tree used for brushing the teeth as it bactericidal.
  • Saptaparna is also useful in thread worms and round worms.
  • Saptaparna improves appetite and is given to women after delivery.
  • Saptaparna decrease fever, increases lactation and provide strength to women after delivery.
  • Saptaparna bark with Vacha and Ginger given from first day of delivery to protect her from fever.  
  • Saptaparna bark paste is applied over inflamed joints in chronic arthritis.
  • Saptaparna is antipyretic and especially useful in malarial fever. 
  • Saptaparna effect is same as that of quinine on fever, but has no side effects.
  • Saptaparna is helpful in dyspnoea.
  • Saptaparna flower powder is used in headache for nasal administration.
  • Saptaparna   tender leaves roasted and pulverized and made into poultices, act as a useful local stimulant to unhealthy ulcers with foul discharges.  
  • Saptaparna bark is given in leprosy, an extract being prepared from the fresh bark and given with milk. 
  • Saptaparna is prescribed in chronic paludism with enlargement of the spleen.
  • Saptaparna Milky juice is applied in rheumatic pains, sores, toothache, tumors and ulcers. 
  • The ripe fruits of Saptaparna   are used in syphilis, insanity and epilepsy.
Best Recommended Uses

Saptaparna powder is given to females during pregnancy and after giving birth to new born; it improves the digestive system, increase body strength of mother and improves lactation.

Doses and Useful Parts
The dose for bark powder of Saptaparna is 3-6 gm while decoction should in dose of 40-50 ml.