Rich in sulphur, with a signature smell- Rasona, well known as Lasuna among Indians is a drug of choice for problems where Kapha and Vata are involved. Because it regulates the Kapha- it is a boon for conditions like high cholesterol (hyperlipidaemia) and even deposition of the toxins inside the body. Pain without swelling is a special symptoms of the aggravated Vata and Garlic (Rasona) works best for this. But never use garlic/Rasona in a condition where Pitta is involved like pain with a lot of inflammation.


Pitta Body Type people shouldn’t use this herb in excess, because Rasona has all the guts to burst the Pitta in your body.
English Name:- Garlic. 

Effect on Doshaskaphaghna by pungent and ushna; vatashamak by snigdha, pichchila, guru and ushna; raktapittavardhak by ushna and tikshna. 
Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Rasona
Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka

Pancharasa, mainly tikta and madhur. Different parts have dufferent tastes. bulb- pungent, leaves bitter, stem – astringent, stem tip-salty, seed – sweet;

Snigdha, tikshna, pichchila, guru, sara; Ushna Katu
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  • Garlic paste is used for swelling in rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, sciatica, facial palsy and pain in the ribs.
  • Swelling due to insect bites almost disappears on rubbing Garlic juice or oil of garlic.
  • Garlic  is a tonic for eye sight so its  juice is given internally in diminished vision.
  • Garlic has digestive property therefore it used in digestive problem like flatulence, dyspepsia etc. Flatulence caused by food like rice can be avoided easily if cooked in Garlic water.
  • Garlic with boiled Milk reduces chronic cough, asthma, tuberculosis and hoarseness of voice.
  • Garlic volatile oil kills mycobacterium tuberculi.
  • Garlic being a regulator of menstrual function it is used in dysmenorrhoea.
  •  Garlic with boiled milk is helpful in bone fractures.
  • Garlic contatins organic sulphur, it is very effective in skin diseases, pruritus and eczema etc.
  • Garlic is used for increase bulk and body strength.
  • Garlic is helpful in reducing the high cholesterol level.
  • Garlic has act as antioxidant to prevent  the body against bacteria and other microbes.
Best Recommended Uses
  • Rasona specially pacifies the Kapha Dosha which makes it useful to regulate the blood cholesterol levels and also removing toxins from the body. 
Doses and Useful Parts

Garlic bud paste – 1 to 6 gms. Oil -1 to 2 drops, Bulb. Oil.