Nishotha also known as Operculina turpethum or turpeth/ Indian jalap is one of the best Ayurveda herbs for liver.
It possesses the laxative effect thus helps in proper cleansing of bowels. Nishotha also helps in expelling the unwanted fluids from the body. It is also recommended in diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Nishotha is also a good anti oxidant and anti inflammatory Ayurveda herb.
Effect on DoshasNishotha pacifies the Pitta Dosha by Kashaya and Tikta Rasas; and Kapha by Ruksha Guna. So Nishotha can be used in diseases of Kapha and Pitta origin.

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Nishotha
Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka
Katu, Tikta, Madhura, Kashaya  Laghu, Ruksha, Tikshna. Ushna. Katu
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  • Nishotha has cleansing and purgative actions. It is the best drug for mild laxation.
  • Useful as purgative in many diseases viz. chronic flatulence, constipation, hemorrhoids, jaundice, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, cough, asthma and edema.
  • Nishotha is used for purgation in skin disorders caused due to Kapha and Pitta, erysipelas, spleen enlargement.
  • Nishotha eliminates watery excreta out of the body, thus reducing edema. It is used as a purgative in hemorrhagic disorders in various forms.
  • Because of its laxative property; Nishotha is quite useful in unsatisfactory bowel movements.
  • Nishotha helps a lot in liver diseases and maintains the cholesterol levels in healthy limits.
  • Nishotha works well in diabetic conditions also.
  • Nishotha might induce abortion so it is contraindicated in pregnancy.
  • Nishotha helps in expelling out the unwanted fluids from the body.
  • As Nishotha ensures proper cleansing of bowel and nourishes the liver; it is very useful in hemorrhoids and other ano rectal health issues.
Best Recommended Uses

Where mild purgation is required; Nishotha proves to be the drug of choice.

Doses and Useful Parts

Parts Used & Dosage:- Root bark, the recommended dose for Nishotha is 1-3 gm of powder.