Karkatshringi also known as Pistacia integerrima or Crab’s claw is a very useful Ayurveda herb for respiratory system.
It is specially recommended for bronchial tuberculosis. Karkatshringi is also very useful in emaciation and under nutritive conditions due to its nutritive nature. It is also recommended in dental problems specially the pyorrhea.
Effect on Doshas- Karkatshringi pacifies Vata and Kapha Doshas so it is quite effective in diseases of Kapha and Vata origin. 

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Karkatshringi
Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka
Kashaya, Tikta Laghu, Ruksha Ushna Katu
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  • Karkatshringi is applied on swelling (edema).
  • In pyorrhea, gargles of Karkatshringi decoction are useful.
  • Karkatshringi Powder is applied on both fresh and chronic wounds.
  • Being Ushna, Karkatshringi is an appetizer, carminative and astringent in nature, thus useful and effective in anorexia, dyspepsia and diarrhea, dysentery,
  • Because of its bitter and pungent taste Karkatshringi is an expectorant and kaphaghna. It benefits in hiccoughs, cough and dyspnoea.
  • Karkatshringi alleviates endometritis and also reduces uterine exudates; thus helps in healing. It also alleviates gonorrhea induced inflammation and discharges.
  • Being bitter and hot, Karkatshringi is useful as Rasayana in tuberculosis.
Best Recommended Uses
  • Karkatshringi powder is recommended for all types of respiratory problems including bronchial tuberculosis.  
Doses and Useful Parts

Parts Used & Dosage:- Hornlike cocoons on the leaves; Dosage is 1-3 gm as Karkatshringi powder.