Elaichi; lesser cardamom also known as Elettaria cardemomum is among the best Ayurveda herb for digestive system, bad breath and for nutritive purpose.  
These characteristics make Elaichi an important ingredient in Indian spices. It is especially useful to nurture the respiratory system and to alleviate respiratory distress. Elaichi also helps in high blood pressure. 
Effect on Doshas-Elaichi pacifies all there Doshas; this is the reason it is so useful for nutritive purpose. 

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Elaichi
Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka

Katu, Madhura

Laghu, Ruksha Shita Madhura
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  • The oil of Elaichi seeds is useful in the treatment of toothache.
  • Elaichi is a mouth freshener, deodorant and antidipsetic.
  • Elaichi seeds and oil are appetizer, digestive and laxative.
  • A whole cardamom burnt in charcoal is a good carminative. It is useful in oral disorders, abdominal pain and piles. Antiemetic.
  • Elaichi is useful in general weakness.
  • Because of its expectorant property, Elaichi is used in cough, asthma and other respiratory disorder.
  • Elaichi ameliorates dyspnoeic attack in pertusis.
  • Elaichi seeds are diuretic and useful in dysuria.
  • Elaichi is useful in burning sensation 
Best Recommended Uses
  • To alleviate cardiac distress and cardiac overload Elaichi and Pippali powders should be taken with Ghrita.
  • Elaichi seeds should be kept in mouth to alleviate bad breath. 
Doses and Useful Parts

Parts Used & Dosage: -Elaichi seeds powder is taken in dosage of ½ - 1 gm.