Devadaru also known as Cedrus deodara or Himalayan Cedar is a very useful Ayurveda herb to nourish the liver and to maintain the cholesterol levels in healthy limits. 
It corrects the working of the urinary system thus helps in expelling out the unwanted fluids from the body. Devadaru works on the digestive system and helps in healing of gastric and intestinal ulcers. Devadaru benefits in cough and respiratory distress. It is also beneficial for skin diseases.
Effect on Doshas- Devadaru pacifies the Kapha Dosha by Tikta, Katu and Ushna; and Vata Dosha by Snigdha and Ushna properties so it is useful in disorder induced by Kapha and Vata Doshas.

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Devadaru
Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka
Tikta, Katu Laghu, Snigdha Ushna Katu
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  • Devadaru alleviates inflammation when applied locally. Its local application and oil are used in arthritis.
  • Devadaru is useful in skin disorders helminthiasis and ulcers.
  • Its oil is a very good wound cleaner and healer. Application of oil destroys bacteria from infected wounds.
  • Devadaru is also useful in oral and nasal disorders and other wounds. It removes the foul smell of wounds.
  • Fomentation of hot water and Devadaru oil relieves flatulence.
  • Deodar is the topmost in the analgesics; hence it is used in chronic inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatic neuralgia and painful conditions like headache.
  • Due to pungent and bitterness Devadaru is an appetizer, digestant, laxative and also effective in destroying the cause factors of worms.
  • As Devadaru is Ushna, bitter and pungent, it is a cardiostimulant, blood purifier and alleviates swelling. Oil is useful in mumps, filarial and chancre.
  • Devadaru is an expectorant by Snigdha, pungent, bitter properties. In cough caused by Kapha, oil is given along with dry ginger and yavakshar. Because it acts on the respiratory tract and is aromatic, it alleviates the foul smell of phlegm and hiccoughs caused due to Vata- Kapha.
  • Deodar is a very good medicine for chronic cough and cold.
  • Devadaru is effective in urinary disorder. Being diuretic, it alleviates many urinary disorders and benefits in dysuria and gonorrhea.
  • It is used in puerperal disorders (health issues appearing after child birth) as it is a uterine tonic and purifies breast milk.
  • Deodar has curetting action by pungent Vipaka and thus reduces fats. It is the best medicine in obesity.
  • Devadaru has diaphoretic property and it cures skin disorders, hence it is used in various skin diseases.
  • Devadaru is diaphoretic and digestant; and benefits in chronic fever caused by Vata- Kapha. 
Best Recommended Uses
  • Devadaru powder is recommended for the proper working of liver and to maintain the cholesterol levels in healthy6 limits.
Doses and Useful Parts

Parts Used & Dosage:- Heart wood, the dosage is 3-6 gm in powder form while 30-90 ml as decoction.