Brahmi, Bacopa monnieri is one of the best rejuvenating and nervine tonic Ayurveda herb. 

It is termed as Brahmi as its routine use makes a fellow enlighted similar to Brahma – creator of universe. Brahmi calms down the restless mind and improves analytical abilities of a fellow. Routine intake of Brahmi powder during pregnancy helps in proper growth of the baby physically as well as psychologically. Brahmi also improves quality of voice and delays the signs of ageing. On physicial level powder of Brahmi is a best rejuvenator of the body physiology. 
If your work is related to stress, Brahmi is a virtue for you, to keep you healthy.
Effect on DoshasBrahmi is vataghna, pittaghna and tridoshanashak.
Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Brahmi
Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka
Tikta Kashaya - sheeta Madhur
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  • Brahmi is valuable plant for brain and entire nervous system.
  • Brahmi is used in epilepsy and mania.
  • Brahmi helps in depression and mental retardation by enhancing intelligence.
  • Brahmi is slightly astringent and hence useful in diarrheoa due to vitiated vata.
  • Brahmi in small doses has cardo-tonic property.
  • Brahmi used for cold and cough in children.
  • Brahmi used in rheumatoid arthritis, the fresh juice of Brahmi is applied to the inflamed joints which helps in relieving pain.
Best Recommended Uses

Brahmi Powder is a nervine tonic which calms down the mind. These characteristics make Brahmi very useful in loss of memory, schizophrenia and other psychic problems. 

Doses and Useful Parts
Dose: The dose for Powder of whole plant of Brahmi is 2-4 gm while the dose of Juice off Whole Plant of Brahmi is 10-20 ml