Vata Pitta Dosha

Vata Pitta Dosha i.e. principle of movement and the energy exchange being together. Here Vata acts as a stimulator for the fire component of the Pitta Dosha resulting in more and more aggravation of fire of the Pitta Dosha.

Basically Vata is Dry, Subtle, Light and Rough in nature so it is quite obvious that it will add these characters in the body. Being the only active attribute of the body Vata acts as a stimulator for all the activities. It does the same stimulation in this Dosha combination also. Presence of the Vata keeps on igniting the fire of the Pitta Dosha. This is the reason the fellows with Vata Pitta Body type are most of the times agitated and hyper-reactive to everything.

More than this the fire of the Pitta Dosha also creates dryness and roughness; burnt out of any fire is always dry and rough like ash. In this way a vicious cycle starts and these Doshas get aggravated more and more.

Here one important thing appears that is the importance of the fats in calming both Vata and Pitta Doshas. The unctuousness and smoothness of fats especially the Ghee will calm down the dryness and roughness of Vata Dosha. At the same time Ghee also balances the Pitta Dosha and minimizes its corrosive nature.

There are always some pros and cones of all the associations. The Vata Pitta association makes a fellow too much active and ambitious. High activity level and high ambitions will definitely help him in achieving great heights in his career but it will also disturb calmness of his mind and he might be affected by insomnia.

On gross level it is the digestive system which is first of all affected by any Dosha association. Because of the Vata Dosha there will be constipated bowel. The constipated bowel will result in formation of harmful gasses and association of the Pitta will result in production of too much acids and high acid level will cause hyperacidity and heart burn. As per Ayurveda the metabolism is regulated by the fire residing in the digestive system so the disturbed digestive system will also affect the metabolism.

The association of the fire and air will result in too much expense of the energies and as a result the fellow with this Dosha combination will be lean and thin. There are greater chances that the fellow will have a high level of appetite even then it will be very hard for him to gain weight.