Vata Pitta Body Type

Vata with Pitta…..Fire supported by the Air is the condition of your Vata Pitta Body type. When these two Vata and Pitta meet these bring- Aggression, Activity, Adaptability and Appetite to the body! These five as control the body well. .

Physical Traits of Vata Pitta Body Type

  • Moderate body structure
  • Dryness in the body
  • Moderate body weight- which can fluctuate regularly
  • Protruding “knotty” joints with a redness and hotness
  • Greying of hairs with thin hairs
  • Gap in teeth with yellow tint
  • Good in exercise
  • Fast and unsteady movements
  • Needs foods again and again, regularly 

Psychological Traits of Vata Pitta Body Type

  • Aggressive in nature
  • Quick to learn and needs reasoning behind the things
  • Short term memory is good
  • Anxiety and Depressions
  • Very calculative
  • Good in making fast decisions
  • Feared about unknown things
  • Sharp voice with attractive stance 

Body Systems controlled by the Vata Pitta Dosha

Nervous System: This is the prime system controlled by the Vata Dosha and quality and direction of actions is controlled by the Pitta so this system has a ruling of both the Doshas, Vata and Pitta.

Digestive System: One digests (Pitta) and other one (Vata) selects and moves the food ahead, no doubt all Doshas are involved in the digestive system but these two Vata and Pitta controls the activity of the Digestive system.

Cardio Vascular System: Where Pitta maintains the quality of the working of cardiac system and regulates the action, Vata manages the movements and regulation of the Cardiac system in response to the activities of the rest of body.

Sensory Organs: All the senses collect the knowledge and information from the surroundings so the involvement of the Vata is on a higher level with sensory organs and Pitta makes the decision of grasping this knowledge so works collectively.

Excessive Dryness: Pitta burns and Vata dries up so collectively these two cause a lot of dryness in particular seasons, so seasonal regimes are important to be followed in case of Vata Pitta Prakruti.  

Psychological Disturbances: Anxiety, Aggression, Anger…..there are lot of factors which are involved because Vata regulates the movements of information and Pitta works as an analytics and collectively these leave deep effects on the body. 

Diseases of Vata Pitta Body Type

Nervous  & Sensory Systems

Digestive System

Cardiovascular System 

Skin and Hairs


Body pains- burning type mostly


Burning sensation in palms and soles 

Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s disease

Problems with eyes and hearing



Peptic ulcers

Ulcerative colitis

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Repetitive Diarrhoea 

Angina Pectoris

Cardio Vascular Attack (Brain and Heart)




Greying of hairs


Thin hairs

Skin diseases like Eczema

Acne in early age only 

Sleeplessness (Insomnia)





Unstable mood



Avoid these diseases easily by using the right Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga!

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