Tridoshaj Body Type

You are having all the three Doshas governing your body which blesses you with a perfect and balanced body. But it is also disturbing you as the minor ups and downs are able to upset this balance. So you need to be very cautious while planning for diet and lifestyle. .

Physical Traits of Tridosha Body Type

  • Good body physique
  • Prone to seasonal up and downs
  • Sick most of the times as it is hard to maintain the balance
  • Easy to recover from the health problems
  • Never have big health problems
  • Ideal body weight and physique
  • Rare chronic diseases
  • Intolerance to extreme weather

Psychological Traits of Tridosha Body Type

  • Good temperament
  • Think properly before making decisions
  • Sound and refreshing sleep
  • Good memory and learning ability
  • Hard to manage in extreme ups and downs in psychology
  • Feared about unknown things

Body Systems controlled by the Tridosha Dosha

All the systems of the body are regulated by three Doshas. You name any of the system there will be involvement of these Doshas. As it is only three Doshas which regulate the complete body as a whole and its diferent systems. 

Diseases of Tridosha Body Type

Because of the involment of all the three Doshas almost equally no doubt you are a healthy fellow but it is very easy for your Doshas to get disturbed. As all of the food stufs are aggravating for any of these three Doshas. A minor unhealthy diet and lifestyle is enough to disturb the balance of these three Doshas.

So you are prone to all the diseases and need to more cautious than other fellows!!!

Avoid fluctuations in your heath by using the right Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga!

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